NEW SINGLE : The Filthy Tongues release their new single, ‘In These Dark Places’.

Photo credit Greg Gutbezahl

‘If you can imagine a song that is a cross between Depeche Mode and Siouxsie & the Banshees, with the lyrical swagger of Alex Harvey then you might be close.’

Taken from the album of the same name, The Filthy Tongues will release the song, ‘In These Dark Places’, Aug 4th 2023.

The album reached number –

  • 11 in the UK Vinyl chart
  • 3 in the Scottish chart
  • 37 in the UK indie breakers

The song is from the album which is the final part of a trilogy based on their hometown of Edinburgh and is every bit as compelling as the previous two instalments.



REVIEWS for Filthy Tongues albums

‘A vivid and visceral exploration of Edinburgh’s underbelly that recalls Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds at their most intense.’ Louder Than War

‘A strictly testosterone-charged mean gothic blues machine.’ The Scotsman

‘Back to Hell is, like Jacob’s Ladder, an incredible album. It’s one of the best released in Scotland so far this year, with a heady mixture of Nick Cave, blues and the indie survivors’ knack for a catchy hook and wry humour.’ Scottish Daily Record

‘With irresistible hooks and melodies snaring the listener from start to finish, these beautifully crafted songs are built to last and will reward repeated listening. Scottish Album of the Year? Place your bets now.’ Penny Black Music

 ‘In These Dark Places is an unsettling and chilling listen. One where emerging unscathed at the other end will encourage repeat visits. A fatal fascination, morbid interest piqued. As someone may have said, the filthier the better.’ At the Barrier

 ‘In These Dark Places is utterly beguiling and a more that fitting final chapter to sit shoulder to shoulder with Jacob’s Ladder and Back to Hell.’ The Ginger Quiff




The Filthy Tongues have occupied a unique place at the heart of Scottish alternative rock, in various manifestations, since the mid 80’s.

Goodbye Mr Mackenzie, a stunning live band with Martin Metcalfe resembling the MC of a debauched, vaguely gothic cabaret, morphed into Angelfish who established a hardcore following (which remains strong today) as the band appeared in both the UK national and US college charts.

From reluctant backing singer in the Mackenzies to front woman in Angelfish, Shirley Manson’s nascent style and talent were nurtured and influenced by the lyrical and musical talents of Metcalfe, Fin Wilson and Derek Kelly.

The eventual amicable split left behind ‘the most complex, fascinating musical footprint of any Scottish band yet’. (The List magazine)

This period was followed by 2 albums as Isa & the Filthy Tongues which garnered various 5 star reviews and saw them played regularly on BBC6 Music.

The band also featured on the soundtrack to Richard Jobson’s New Town Killers film and caught the ear of Hollywood in David Mackenzie’s film Spread.

In a colourful career the band have worked and toured with Blondie, The Ramones, Chris Frantz and Tina Weymouth from the Talking Heads, Vic Chesnutt, New York Dolls, Big Audio Dynamite, Aztec Camera and many more.

When listening to The Filthy Tongues, musical critics recognise Pixies, Bunnymen, Joy Division, Nick Cave and Scott Walker influences, but the style of this ever evolving band is strikingly and individually their own.

The Filthy Tongues also achieved a number 28 UK chart position by proxy via Scottish Punk originals THE SKIDS when they released their 1st LP in over 30 years ‘Burning Cities’. Four songs on that LP were co-written by Derek Kelly & Matin Metcalfe of the Filthy Tongues and Skids frontman/movie director/author Richard Jobson. ‘No Bad’ … as Richard would have it.

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