NEW SINGLE : Swedish dream-pop trio ViVii deliver a sweeping live rendition of their vibrant single ‘One Day’


With their highly-anticipated sophomore album ‘Mondays’ arriving on May 21st through Dumont Dumont, which will include the previously shared offerings ‘Summer Of 99’, ‘Rendezvous’, ‘Fool Alone’ and the most recent ‘Read Between’, Swedish dream-pop outfit ViVii have now returned to unveil a beautifully sweet and sweeping live rendition of their vibrant single ‘One Day’.

Stripping back much of the original’s bright and uplifting production, this new version of ‘One Day’ showcases the wondrous sound within their songwriting. Recorded in the corridor just outside their recording studio, this intimate and tender performance creates a blissfully warm and entrancing texture, perfectly elevating the illuminative direction we can expect on their next full-length release.

Speaking about the new live video, they said, “We were gonna record an acoustic session in our studio, but the door to our studio got jammed and we couldn’t get in. So we decided to record the song in our corridor instead. Limitations turn on the creativity sometimes.”

ViVii’s second studio album ‘Mondays’ follows on from their heavily-praised 2019 self-titled debut, a record that went onto be streamed more than 16 million times, with the single ‘Savant’ streamed 4.5 million times on Spotify alone, and earned the trio numerous accolades since then. Their sublime dream-pop took them round the world on tour, from their production base in Uppsala, an hour north of Stockholm, all the way to the California of The Beach Boys.

‘Mondays’ Tracklist:

  1. One Day
  2. Summer of 99
  3. Disco All Night Long
  4. Rendezvous
  5. Fool Alone
  6. Swimming Pool
  7. Smack Down
  8. Read Between
  9. Wider Sun
  10. Baby Be The Light

Even in the long ago distant times of two years ago, ViVii were defying (and denying) the challenging (or simply boring) realities of life. Even in the good old days of 2018, on only their second single, ViVii had one thing in mind: dreaming up a better world through song.

“Think of 1969 and you think of The Beach Boys era,” says Emil, the smiling enthusiasm all over his face as he recalls the pilgrimage the trio took to the beaches and neighbourhoods that birthed Brian Wilson’s teenage symphonies to God. That passion is there, too, in ViVii’s single ‘Rendezvous’, the second taster of the treats to come on the band’s second album.

“We just grew up on that time and sound. All that jingle-jangle music, we all love it so much!” he adds with a laugh. “So it’s an homage to that time. It’s a romantic tribute to a place and a time and a sound that means so much to us.”

‘Rendezvous’ was preceded in August 2020 by the BBC 6 Music-playlisted ‘Summer of 99′. The first fruits of their 2019/20 sessions in Anders’ Uppsala studio, it’s the perfect example of the trio’s sparking, spectral song writing and is another homage – this one to Emil and Caroline’s romance.

“We did the lyrics together,” says Emil, gesturing to his wife. “It’s very personal. For my part, it’s about us growing up. We have such a long history. I’ve been thinking a lot about the lyrics we tend to write, and when I think about teenage rebellion that most kids have, I didn’t really have that. Instead of that I fell in love with Caroline – I fell in love like crazy!” he admits with a laugh. “That was my rebellious time! I was so gone in that. I didn’t see anything. I wasn’t out drinking our partying – in fact, I didn’t start drinking till I was 30!

With ViVii, that connectivity – emotional, musical, soulful – goes three ways. Alongside Caroline and Emil’s personal partnership, their friendship with Anders goes way back, too.

And it underpins the odd but functional manner in which this self-sufficient trio wrote, recorded and produced their new album: working once a week, on Mondays only, because the rest of the week they each had, well, real jobs: Emil works in a cemetery (“I put people in the ground, in the urns”), Caroline is an economic consultant and Anders is an accountant. “Really serious jobs,” smiles Anders.

Opening ViVii’s second album ‘Mondays’ is the achingly youthful romance of ‘Fool Alone’. Bewitching and transporting, it’s both nostalgic and future-facing, pre-Seventies and post-2020. It’s also a fantastic showcase for Caroline and Emil’s harmonies, and for Anders’ mastery of studio acoustics and studio electronics.

“It sounds like something from the Sixties, something very familiar – but also brand new,” says Anders. “And it’s such a simple song. All of our songs usually start that simply, but then in the studio we add all the electronics. But we can still play all our songs unplugged.”

“That,” says Emil, “is the core of our songs: guitar, singing, good harmonies.”

“And we have that teenage vibe because that’s when we got together,” concludes Caroline. “Musically, that source is never-ending for us.”

As opening statements go, as a promise of a hopeful 2021, they don’t come any better. Yes, it might be, right now, a messed up life. But with songs like these, ViVii show that it\s still possible to be gloriously carefree. That it’s still possible to dream.





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