It might sound like an ill-fitting amalgamation, but subverting expectations has become the norm for DMS, the five-piece band based in Edinburgh.
In 2019 they released their debut EP “Impostor Syndrome” to critical acclaim:
“Impostor Syndrome? No, not really. DMS are the real deal, classy, sophisticated pop rock. EP’s don’t get a lot better” Maximum Volume Music

Let’s not sugar-coat things. 2020 was shit for anyone in a band. The band had plans in January which were completely ruined by March when the world started to lock down. Suddenly having a lot more free time on their hands, they were looking back through the archives and happened upon an unreleased track titled “Ordinary Strange”.  Despite being written and recorded many moons ago, the song seemed to encapsulate the current mood and the decision was made to release it at the end of May.

“Definitely one of the stand-out voices in the upcoming Scottish music scene” Discovery Music

“DMS have created a staggering piece of music that is just so relevant to life right now.”
Almost Anything Media

“Thanks to this resonant, maturely penned track, these five have proven to be no flash in the pan. As of this point, they mean business, and anybody with a functioning brain will be sure to join in on the bandwagon now.”
The Music Files

One of the few things salvageable from 2020 were some studio dates that were hastily rescheduled in between the various lockdowns. Games We Play is the first single from these sessions.

As the band put it, “This is probably the closest we’ll ever come to writing a ‘love’ song but as usual the definition has become a bit warped. It highlights the importance of trust in a relationship and how lots of people take it for granted until it’s too late. Our protagonist is only interested in the eventual outcome of ‘the game’ regardless of how many other relationships are destroyed in the process.  We reckon most people can relate to either being involved in situations like these or knows someone that’s been through it”.

DMS are: John Keenan (vocals) Mikey Robertson (guitar)
Euan Mushet (bass) Jen Bain (keys) Callum Saint (drums)

Games We Play is released on Friday 26th February.
The single was recorded, mixed & mastered by Mark Morrow Audio.

it’s a beautiful soundtrack about an ugly idea