NEW SINGLE : PINK MOUNTAINTOPS shares cover of Black Flag’s ‘Nervous Breakdown’ | New album Peacock Pool out 6th May 2022 via ATO Records (Featuring members of Black Mountain, Melvins & Redd Kross)

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Shares cover of Black Flag’s ‘Nervous Breakdown’

New album Peacock Pool out 6th May 2022 
Via ATO Records

Featuring members of Black Mountain, Melvins & Redd Kross

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“Lead single “Lights Of The City” is a fuzzy, comforting riff-rocker that goes deep on ’70s strains of boogie-rock.” – Stereogum

“The first single from Peacock Pools is ‘Lights of the CIty,’ a late-’70s style rocker that comes with a massive chorus and a few ripping solos.” – Brooklyn Vegan

Today Pink Mountaintops, the exploratory and enigmatic project of Black Mountain frontman Stephen McBean, shares the video for the fantastically punchy and piano-laced twist on Black Flag’s pent-up classic ‘Nervous Breakdown’ which opens the upcoming Pink Mountaintops album Peacock Pools, out on 6th May 2022 via new label home ATO Records

“Steven McDonald used to always play a disco version of that bassline to annoy [Black Flag co-founder] Keith Morris when they were sound-checking for OFF!, and it ended up fitting perfectly with the demo I’d made,” McBean reveals, referring to McDonald and Morris’s hardcore supergroup.

Keith Morris (Black Flag / Circle Jerks / OFF!) emphatically approves of this new version, sharing: “Great job taking a song that’s been beaten to death by numerous punker dunkers and turning it into your own song! BRAVO!!!!”

McBean has made a playful video to accompany the ‘Nervous Breakdown’ single release, cutting together found footage with appearances from McBean, Steven McDonald (Redd Kross), violinist/vocalist Laena Myers-Ionita (Feels, Death Valley Girls), drummer/pianist Joshua Wells (Destroyer, Black Mountain), and drummer Ryan Jewell (Ryley Walker).

In February, Pink Mountaintops marked their triumphant return after eight years with the announcement of Peacock Pools, ushering in this new era proudly with the rollicking, ‘70s-invoking sonic blast of lead single ‘Lights Of The City’ accompanied by a video directed by George Mays.


Pre-orders for Peacock Pools are available now and include limited-edition gold vinyl, indie exclusive splatter vinyl, CD, and digital.  Pre-order here: 

Peacock Pools, out 6th May 2022 on ATO Records


Since their 2004 self-titled debut, Pink Mountaintops have supplied an outlet for the more arcane fascinations of Black Mountain frontman Stephen McBean. On Peacock Pools—Pink Mountaintops’ first new music in eight years—the British Columbia-born singer/ songwriter/ multi-instrumentalist shares 12 songs sparked from his magpie-like curiosity for a wild expanse of cultural artifacts: the sci-fi body horror of David Cronenberg, Disney Read-Along Records from the 1970s, early Pink Floyd and mid-career Gary Numan, John Carpenter movies, Ornette Coleman live videos, a 1991 essay on the cult of bodybuilding by postmodern feminist Camille Paglia. Featuring counterculture icons like Steven McDonald of Redd Kross and Dale Crover of Melvins, Peacock Pools alchemizes those obsessions into a body of work with its own enchanting power, the sonic equivalent of falling down a thousand rabbit holes at once and landing somewhere gloriously strange.

Pink Mountaintops’ fifth full-length and debut release for ATO Records, Peacock Pools took shape from a batch of songs McBean first pieced together in the early days of the pandemic. “I’d moved into this cool little ’50s rancher house outside L.A. and was just mucking about in my bedroom studio, and pretty soon I started reaching out to some friends who were also shacked up and craving broadband sonic collaboration,” he recalls. Over the coming months, McBean began working remotely with a stacked lineup of musicians from the indie-rock and psych-pop and garage-punk worlds, including drummer/pianist Joshua Wells (Destroyer, Black Mountain), violinist/vocalist Laena Myers-Ionita (Feels, Death Valley Girls), drummer Ryan Jewell (Riley Walker, Steve Gunn), vocalist Emily Rose Epstein (Ty Segall, Emily Rose & The Rounders), and keyboardist Jeremy Schmidt (Black Mountain, Sinoia Caves). Produced by McBean and mixed in Vancouver by former Skinny Puppy member Dave “Rave” Ogilvie (David Bowie, Nine Inch Nails), Peacock Pools also features several songs recorded live in L.A. with McDonald and Crover, ultimately forming Pink Mountaintops most eclectic and magnificently unpredictable album to date.


Peacock Pools track listing:

1. Nervous Breakdown
2. Nikki Go Sudden
3. Blazing Eye
4. You Still Around
5. Shake The Dust
6. Swollen Maps
7. Lights Of The City
8. Miss Sundown
9. Lady Inverted Cross
10 . Muscles 
11. All This Death Is Killing Me
12. The Walk – Song For Amy



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