NEW SINGLE : Liverpool’s Toy Car Drops Raucuous Debut Single ‘Somewhere In Between’

Toy Car is the alias of Liverpudlian singer/songwriter Shaun Hough, Having fronted several other musical projects in the past, this new project is darker and more mature, harbouring themes never touched on in previous bands, most notably Tiger Twins.

Described as refreshingly retro, Toy Car is looking ahead to the release of their debut single, the explosive ‘Somewhere In Between’. A ferocious and feral masterpiece with thunderous vocal melodies and soaring guitar phrases, the impressive debut throws the listener straight into a tense dystopian scene, leaving listeners with no choice but hear what happens next.

“Somewhere in-between is about the tension of feeling misplaced” explains Hough. “I first started writing the track at a friend’s house in Manchester. I was listening to a lot of John Martyn at the time and was really focusing on the grooves and fingerpicking style of his. It was a few days later when the song really began taking shape, I wanted simple harmonic structure with a constantly evolving melody.”

“The lyrics came about through experimenting with dark and psychedelic themes but also tried to leave just enough room to not say exactly what is going on and leave to interpretation. Sort of like if ‘I Am The Walrus’ had a shred of sense.”

A raw and rare offering that possesses the same instant impact as skydiving without a parachute, ‘Somewhere In Between; is the first taste of Toy Car, in a year that promises a slew of releases including two more singles and a seven track EP. For now though, whet your appetite with ‘Somewhere In Between’. Best played loud.

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