NEW SINGLE : LA-based psych rocker VANDERWOLF releases searing new single ‘COLSTON SLEEPS IN BRISTOL HARBOUR’ today







“An unforgettable sonic journey” (Lost In Transmission)

“Colston Sleeps In Bristol Harbour” is the searing new single from acclaimed US musician Vanderwolf. The standalone single follows the release last week of Vanderwolf’s sophomore album ‘The Great Bewilderment’ on digital formats, with vinyl and CD formats to follow on April 2nd.

In his parallel career as a music programmer and concert producer, Max Vanderwolf has worked for some of the worlds’ most celebrated clubs and concert venues. These include New York’s legendary Knitting Factory and London’s renowned Royal Festival Hall, where for 9 years he produced the Meltdown Festival working closely with artists including David Bowie, Patti Smith, Jarvis Cocker, and, pertinent to “Colston Sleeps In Bristol Harbour”, Massive Attack, who curated Meltdown in 2008.

3D and Daddy G [of Massive Attack] were the ones who first told me about the slave trader Charles Colston and they explained that they never played Colston Hall in their hometown,” says Vanderwolf. “Finally they changed the venue’s name to Bristol Beacon.”

Vanderwolf had recently created the song’s aggressive, funky guitar riff, which calls to mind Robert Quine (Lou Reed, Richard Hell & the Voidoids), Earl Slick and Adrian Belew, when the protests in Bristol happened in June 2020, events which matched the mood of the music.

“The immediacy and urgency of the guitar corresponded incredibly well to the protesters’ outrage,” explains Vanderwolf, who is now based in LA. “Who gets to be out on a pedestal in a town square or a university campus is a fascinating study in values and influence.

“I recognised those protesters in Bristol that tossed the statue of Colston into the murky harbour waters. I knew people just like them from my time attending protests in the UK. I had marched with people like this in London, usually attracted to their blasting of drum and bass music. And I recognised Bristol, a city I really miss. It all really connected.”

The video for “Colston Sleeps in Bristol Harbour” is directed by Dave Rygalsk, a writer/director whose illustrious career started in late night television comedy (Letterman, Daily Show, Leno-era Tonight Show). Rygalsek has branched out to the music world having directed the concert film, Sam Phillips Live at Largo, as well as music videos for The Royal Arctic Institute, Das Damen, and Happy Chichester.

The follow-up to Vanderwolf’s 2022 debut ’12 Little Killers’ (“Soul, gospel, theatrical rock and more” **** MOJO), ‘The Great Bewilderment’ is a major rock record full of big emotions and adventurous songs.

This month will see the nationwide theatrical release of ‘5lbs of Pressure’, a crime drama set in New York City which features four Vanderwolf songs from ‘12 Little Killers’ including ‘’I am Not a Mountain’’, which will accompany the film’s closing credits. The film, written and directed by Phil Allocco along with Luke Evans, stars Alex Pettyfer, Rory Caulkin, Stephanie Leonidas and Rudy Pankow.

Vanderwolf’s music can be found on Bandcamp and all streaming platforms or via the official website


Vanderwolf ‘The Great Bewilderment’

  1. A’Coming Home
  2. The 6.09
  3. Sweep Away the Shards
  4. Gaza
  5. Love Stay Strong
  6. The Book Of Dread
  7. The Here & Now
  8. Gratitude Suite

Listen to new album ‘The Great Bewilderment’ here


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