After landing one of the biggest airplay hits of his career to date when ‘GOOD MAN’ enjoyed an extended run on the Radio 2 playlist, Jake Isaac today shares his new single ‘BLACK OR WHITE’. It comes at a time when Jake is enjoying a fresh wave of discovery, which has also included a conversation with the like-minded American singer-songwriter Caleb Hearn, a Radio 2 interview, and strong ticket sales for his upcoming headline show at the Village Underground. Listen HERE.

‘BLACK OR WHITE’ brings together summery, contemporary soul music with a palpable, heartfelt warmth. Jake swells the song’s emotions by ensuing the trend for the artifice of perfect production in favour of the natural authenticity that comes from a human touch. And that’s something he excels at, with his voice recalling the great Bill Withers. The song is enhanced by the beautiful call-and-response gospel vocals and vibrant live instrumentation.

Lyrically it taps into the need to say what you really mean. There are conversations that need to have the nuance of both sides, but there are other times when getting straight to the point is the only way to convey how you truly feel.

Jake says, “‘BLACK OR WHITE’ expresses the need to communicate to understand what someone needs to feel loved. I suppose it centres around the age-old saying, ‘It’s not just what you say, it’s how you say it.’ This is a song that makes you want to dance when you hear it.”

The song’s video only heightens the song’s blissful positivity. Jake’s natural charm shines through, while his playful interactions with the song’s gospel backing vocalists keeps the mood light and uplifting.


Jake wrote ‘BLACK OR WHITE’ with Christine Osborne and Aylwin Steele (The Zealots), and he produced it alongside Ian Barter (Amy Winehouse, Izzy Bizzu). The live sound of ‘BLACK OR WHITE’ is something that has been prevalent in all of Jake’s recent releases. Issues of communication have also been a recurring theme, whether he has been celebrating the strength of the Windrush generation (‘GOOD MAN’) or offering a message of reassurance to someone in need (‘OKAY’).

Currently laying the groundwork for his new album, Jake Isaac recently announced a London headline show at the Village Underground on November 2nd. Limited remaining tickets are available HERE.

Jake’s music is informed by a tapestry of live experiences, spanning a wide spectrum of emotion. Music has been a part of his life at every turn, from drumming in church as a child, working as a songwriter and musician for name artists in his teens including a spell as musical director for Duffy, and working as marketing manager for a record label. His own artist career has also been highlighted with acclaim from legendary artists such as Sir Elton John and Sting. Yet in spite of such accomplishments, he remains a modest character, living an ordinary life as a husband and a father to three young children in south London.


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