NEW SINGLE : Glassmasterer – ‘Trouvaille’ – chilled IDM/electronica from Scottish electronic artist

Photo credit Shane Harrison

“Might just be my favourite from Glassmasterer…don’t know how it makes me feel but I like the feeling” BBC Introducing

‘Trouvaille’ is the blissed out upcoming single from Scottish electronic musician Lewis Bigham who records and performs under the moniker Glassmasterer, a name which comes from the final stage in CD duplication, a process known as “glassmastering”.

Following on from a collection of singles Glassmasterer returns with another taste of chilled IDM/electronica in the form of the ‘Trouvaille’.

Recorded in his countryside studio, ‘Trouvaille’ gently draws you away from those lockdown cabin fever blues and plants you right in the peaceful wilderness with soothing synth tones and enough glitchy beats to keep you head nodding.

B-side ‘Twenty Red Kites is a delightfully ambient segue/vignette: “the title comes from one of my friends describing a trip to an arboretum and they said that they saw “twenty red kites” emerge from the trees. I told her immediately that I was going to use that for a song.”


“Trouvaille is French for “lucky find”, which is how I see a lot of creative inspiration at the minute; having a creative outlet is so important to me at the moment.”


Since 2016, Glassmasterer has released music under a variety of genres including hip-hop, jazz, funk and folk.


After the world was plunged into lockdown, his music took a more introverted and oblique electronic style, releasing the singles ‘Dawn Runner’ and ‘Until The Dust’, and the “virtual concert” film Particles.


All music was recorded and produced by himself in his personal studio Neon Math.

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