NEW SCOTTISH MUSIC : Speak Easy Circus New Single ‘Gros Michel’

Speak Easy Circus 

‘Gros Michel’

Out on Friday 21st July

Speak Easy Circus delivers an urgent and compelling plea for awareness, coming from an unexpected source of inspiration.

Their blend of indie rock, jazz and punk creates this weird yet wonderful

genre that I can guarantee you won’t have heard before!

The Music Files

Interesting? Yes. Funky? Yes. Brilliant? Hell yes!

Speak Easy Circus bring different genres together like no one did before.

These guys are ones to watch in the Scottish music scene.”

Music Style Undecided

A splendidly unique musical

amalgam and a candid take on the political zeitgeist might well set them

apart from many of their peers.”

Get To The Chorus

‘Gros Michel’ is a song, on the surface, about bananas. But what lies a little deeper is a growing awareness of what the banana industry is really about and our role within it.

As environmental issues have been taking centre stage in recent years, songwriter Jack Avison found himself diving head-first into a rabbit hole of videos and documentaries dedicated to this seemingly ordinary fruit.

Little did he know that delving into this industry would lead him to uncover the dark dealings of corporations like La Chiquita.

I was amazed and shocked that something people love – bananas – could be sold by companies that were so evil. And yet we still eat bananas.”, says Jack. “I wanted to write a song that would reflect that absurdity”.

Coming out on Friday 21st July 2023, with a launch party taking place at the Old Hairdresser on Sunday 23rd July, ‘Gros Michel’ mirrors the disconcerting and thought-provoking emotions triggered by the exploration of this unusual topic.

As the track unfolds, the evocative storytelling aims to challenge perceptions as we ponder the ugly truths behind the banana industry.

In this way, ‘Gros Michel’ is more than just a song – it becomes a catalyst for awareness and action, fostering a desire for social and environmental justice.

In a world where artistic boundaries are constantly being pushed, Speak Easy Circus emerges as a musical force to be reckoned with.

Drawing on the eclectic influences of each band member, the audacious 5-piece band has created a truly distinctive sound that has proved difficult to define

Over the years, the gang has been labelled as “indie,” “jazz”, “funk” and more as its music effortlessly weaves through genres, defying all expectations.

Rather than being confined to a single genre, Speak Easy Circus takes pride in the diverse array of descriptions that its music inspires.

With ‘Gros Michel’, Speak Easy Circus sheds light on questionable practices and environmental issues, inspiring listeners to make informed choices and contribute to a more sustainable future while showcasing its ability to craft an addictive song made up of its distinctive fusion of genres.


Speak Easy Circus are a five-piece indie/funk outfit from Glasgow, Scotland, where they have built a strong following since their formation in 2019.

Originating as a ‘solo project by-necessity’ after Jack Avison moved to Glasgow without knowing any other musicians, he was immediately on the look-out for talented collaborators. He soon found them in the local music scene and combined their individual influences to create the unique sound of the band today: Frazer Laurie brought the rock drums, Chatonda Ridley added the soul bass, Fenwick Lawson introduced the funk trombone, and Jon Wallace brought the jazz saxophone.

Inspired by acts as far ranging as Vulfpeck, Snarky Puppy, Arctic Monkeys, and Bob Reynolds, Speak Easy Circus has used its genre-hopping influences to create an electric and unmissable live show. The band’s onstage chemistry is clear as they take the audience on a journey that includes a unique mix of funk bangers, improvisation and even some jokes thrown in.

Speak Easy Circus’ journey so far has taken them from gigs in quarries, from the northern tip of Scotland to Glasgow basements, and the band is excited to embark on the next stage of their career.

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23rd July

Single launch party and documentary screening – Support from Kirsteen Harvey – The Old Hairdresser, Glasgow. 7pm/10pm

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