NEW EP : R&B: Dafne Adriana / Don’t Get Obsessed With A Stranger via The Orchard

[Photography Credit: Henry Hewitt]

Dafne Adriana looks ahead to the release of her debut EP
‘Don’t Get Obsessed With A Stranger’

Out now via The Orchard

Hailing from The Netherlands and now based in London, Dafne Adriana delivers her debut EP. ‘Don’t Get Obsessed With a Stranger’ is out now via The Orchard.

Stream HERE.

Having carved out a career as a backing vocalist for Dutch and International artists, Dafne fuses neo-soul, jazz and pop on her first full offering. Inspired by 90’s and 00’s R&B, she began playing piano from the age of 4 –  singing then followed shortly after.

Speaking on the EP, Dafne says “it was inspired by my experience of many instances where I thought I was totally in love and with all the drama that came with it. I had lots of conversations with my mother who kept telling me to not let someone you don’t even know well have so much control over your feelings.”

See below for the full EP tracklist:

  1. Don’t Get Obsessed With A Stranger
  2. Always On My Mind
  3. I Care Too Much
  4. What I Wanna Do For You
  5. Closure

‘Don’t Get Obsessed With A Stranger’ is the title track of Dafne Adriana’s debut EP which tells a story of her hopelessly romantic love failures.

Dafne Adriana – Don’t Get Obsessed With A Stranger EP
Out Now

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