NEW EP : Hull four-piece Bedsit have today released their debut Dead Bands EP via their own Forever Underdogs label.



The Dead Bands EP reveals layer after layer of detail beneath the sonic assault. Bedsit clearly mean business. Buy their music. Go and see them on their upcoming tour. Join them on their quest for ecstatic release. The times we live in may be ugly, but this is a beautiful noise.THE HULL STORY

 A fantastic introduction to a band who’ve started to get noticed outside their scene. It’s a full on rock EP of the type there are just not enough of any more. It’s lo-fi at times, rough and ready at others (clearly intentionally), polished at others and never less than excellent. Go see this band and download this EP, you won’t regret doing either. THREE SONGS & OUT *****

Hull four-piece BEDSIT have released their debut DEAD BANDS EP via their own independent label Forever Underdogs. The EP is available on CD and via all major streaming and download platforms including Spotify, iTunes, Amazon, Apple Music, TIDAL, Deezer and Soundcloud, and was self-produced in their own Unit 45 studio, mixed by Hull legend Nick Russell and mastered by Pete Maher – Pixies, Nick Cave, Garbage, Jack White, Nine Inch Nails, Glasvegas, The 1975.

The video for the title track references the lineage of live music and how passion and creativity flows through the generations. The band invited people to participate in the video shoot to represent their favourite dead bands and the response was overwhelming with several local legends – The Gargoyles, The Housemartins, Pink Noise and The Von Trapps – among them.

There wasn’t a more suitable location on earth to film the video than the monolithic New Adelphi Club in Hull,” say the band. “We all have history there, and we’re eternally grateful for the scene it has nurtured since 1984, with special thanks to owner Paul Jackson who has dedicated his life to independent live music.

We had a bit of trouble filming this project – we lost a lot of footage – and we joked that the release must be cursed, that we’d jinxed ourselves by calling it Dead Bands. But we pulled through and, with several re-shoots, we’re more than happy with the finished product.”

From the opening feedback-drenched power of Drip Feed to the final chaotic absurdities of Eloquent, you may hear Fugazi, Husker Du, Buffalo Tom or the Dead Kennedys, occasionally even Discharge in the coruscating guitar sounds, but all four tracks retain an identity that remain unique and consistent to BEDSIT throughout.

The EP is about the chaos and uncertainty of modern times,” say the band, “the struggle for meaning and motivation. We all have the sense that something isn’t right. We often get cynical and angry. But, occasionally, we get a glimpse of the magical – a moment of ecstasy – and that relief is worth living for.

This is our first EP as a full band and the title track is a celebration of the heritage of live music. From gigantic rock stars who inspired generations, to local artists who you think never got the exposure they deserved, they were all answering the same calling – blessed release. How those burning passions, die as they may, continue to smoulder in the hearts of strangers, inspiring joy and creativity.”

To coincide with the release, the band will embark on their first full headline tour. Dates as follows:


Fri          10          HUDDERSFIELD                  Northern Quarter

Thu        16          SHEFFIELD                          Washington

Fri          17          BRADFORD                        Underground

Sat         18          HULL                                   DIVE HUS

Fri          24          SCARBOROUGH                 Indigo Alley

Sat         25          STOCKTON                         NE Volume Bar


Sun        19          HULL                                  New Adelphi Club

Sat         25          SCUNTHORPE                    Café Indie

BEDSIT formed as a solo project in 2019 by Tom Hockney. Struggling with depression and the loss of a friend, he picked up an acoustic guitar and learned his first chords during late nights sat on the kitchen floor. Scratchy phone recordings eventually lead to fully fledged songs in 2020 when Tom recorded his debut solo EP in the bedsit where he lived.

Lockdown hit shortly after the EP release and Tom began jamming in a variety of projects with Casey Stead (guitar) until, later in 2021, George Garnett (drums) and Tom Scanlon (bass) joined the band and brought BEDSIT to life. Together they created songs grounded by their shared love of grunge and allowed outrage and anguish to swell through their soul and their lyrics.

In 2021 when the scene was suffering and many gigs were cancelled or had to go underground, BEDSIT took a risk and booked a date to celebrate the 30th anniversary of Nirvana’s Nevermind by playing the album in its entirety. After much practice, they performed to a sold-out audience and stole the show. Buzzing from that success, the band wrote and recorded their debut single, Go Outside. The song is a cry for help – a plea for freedom – to do away with the stress and uncertainty of modern times and to reconnect with one’s primal humanity. Released in April 2022 under the band’s own Forever Underdogs label, Go Outside demonstrated what was possible for the band to produce themselves.

The band’s hometown shows have since grown in both strength and numbers. With three members of BEDSIT working at the New Adelphi Club in Hull – one of Britain’s oldest independent music venues and winner of the MVT (Music Venue Trust) Grassroots Venue: Spirit Of The Scene award in 2022 – the band immersed themselves further into the live music scene. Tom Scanlon left the band and bassist Ciaran Hall joined and they then set their sights on recording and releasing the DEAD BANDS EP.

And that’s as far as things have gone. So far …

DEAD BANDS EP track listing:

  • Drip Feed
  • Go Outside
  • Dead Bands
  • Eloquent







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