NEW ALBUM : LASH & GREY are coming a year after their debut with new album Blossoms Of Your World.

Their debut album Sleepin’ With The Lights On sharpened the attention of many non mainstream fans last year. In the Radio_Head Awards poll, it was awarded the Debut of the Year 2020 in their native Slovakia. The album received very good reviews from music critics in several
countries, and the young duo was offered a place in the roster of the major European concert agency Bella Concerts, where they found themselves among names such as Meshell Ndegeocello, Herbie Hancock, Mononeon, or Pat Metheny.

After a successful start, Kristin and Jakob decided not to lag behind and startedrecording the second record.

“We felt we had a lot of ideas and energy to stay in the creative process and try to keep going, even though it was even more challenging this time than the first album when the pandemic caught us shortly before the finish. When the second wave of the pandemic occurred, we were quite used to solitude. We started writing new songs an suddenly we found out that we have quite a few. Some were created even during the recording of the first album.”

“Although the possibilities of performing at concerts and festivals are currently limited and making a living in the cultural field is extremely challenging these times, we want our fans to listen to our new music at a time when it is very current for us and when we also enjoy playing it.”

“We just couldn’t wait three or four years for these songs to be released, and at the same time, we didn’t feel like releasing only occasional singles. Releasing an album on a record has a much higher and more lasting value for us, even though the music world has been set up a little differently these days. It makes sense to us this way. The album should be a complete story that has its sequence. And the stories should be told to the end.”

The second album, entitled Blossoms Of Your World, is even more diverse and richer in the cast. “Our invitation to collaborate has been accepted by the resonant names of the world music scene. The album features Brandon Combs, Bryan” B Dub “White, who are known for collaborating with names like Stevie Wonder, John Legend, or Leon Bridges. We were very pleased to have the opportunity to collaborate with Vlado Meller, who mastered the album in the USA. We contacted him for cooperation and he immediately wrote us back saying he wanted to work on this record. He as a native of Slovakia was pleasantly surprised by our music. So we are very delighted to say that the person who put his touches on the songs of Pink Floyd, Michael Jackson, Paul McCartney, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, and many other huge names of the music world also worked on our music.”

“The album Blossoms Of Your World is about us, about our lives, about what we have been intensely perceiving and feeling in recent times. Some songs like Blossoms Of Your World, There We Are or Incurved In love are very personal. Sometimes it is difficult for us to share such intimate things with the world. However, the listeners often grasps the main idea of songs in their own way, and that’s the magical beauty of music. It gives you feelings that can touch your deepest layers.