FESTIVAL REVIEW : TRNSMT Festival 2023 Day 1 – A Spectacular Return of Scotland’s Biggest Party

TRNSMT Festival 2023 – A Spectacular Return of Scotland’s Biggest Party

TRNSMT Festival Day One marked the return of Scotland’s biggest party, with thousands of music enthusiasts thronging Glasgow Green for three days of live performances and excitement. The festival brought together music legends and breakthrough stars, showcasing a diverse range of musical genres that captured the hearts of festivalgoers. As the festival continues to grow, TRNSMT 2023 promises to be an even more spectacular event. Glasgow, with its vibrant music scene, provided the perfect backdrop for this music extravaganza, and the festival proved to be well worth the wait for the fans who had been eagerly awaiting its return.

The festival kicked off with a resounding roar as Dead Pony took the main stage by storm. With their impressive stage presence and remarkable confidence that belied their years, the four-piece band had the small but devoted crowd in the palm of their hands from the get-go. Anna Shields, in particular, exuded an undeniable star quality that added to the band’s overall larger-than-life sound as their grungy riffs and rocking anthems echoed through the festival grounds. Having been swiftly promoted from last year’s River Stage slot, it’s clear that Dead Pony’s quick rise to the top is more than well-deserved. With such a remarkable performance, it’s only a matter of time before they return to the festival to rock the stage once more.

Declan Welsh and The Decadent West delivered a politically charged set that left the audience electrified. With their raw and edgy sound, the band’s music was the perfect catalyst for their politically charged message. They tackled pressing issues such as social inequality and the immigration crisis, using their music as a tool to inspire and provoke change. Manchester’s Hot Milk delivered a spectacular and electrifying performance that left the crowd astounded. The band’s powerful combination of emo and pop music resonated throughout the festival grounds, effortlessly attracting music enthusiasts with their dynamic and energetic sound. Notably, co-vocalist Han Mee’s stage presence was truly captivating as she briefly joined the audience, infusing the performance with her infectious energy. With their remarkable set, Hot Milk unequivocally demonstrated that they are a band ascending to greater heights, fully capable of captivating audiences with their vibrant sound and enthralling live performances.

The View, one of the most promising indie-rock bands to come out of Scotland, showcased their propulsive indie anthems at a festival held in Glasgow. With the release of their first album in eight years, Exorcism Of Youth, due out in August, the band left the audience in awe as they opened with the chant-inducing Grace. They then went on to play some of their biggest hits, such as Wasted Little DJs and Same Jeans, which were met with raucous cheers from the crowd. Singer and guitarist Kyle Falconer was in top form, delivering dynamic vocals and electrifying guitar riffs throughout the performance. It is clear that The View is back and better than ever, and fans can expect even more exciting things from the band in the future.

Paul Heaton graced the Main Stage with a well-curated setlist of hits from The Housemartins and The Beautiful South. Fresh from redistributing his wealth, Heaton amazed the audience with his performance, which culminated in a moving a cappella performance of the “song of peace,” Caravan of Love. Although Jacqui Abbott was unable to perform alongside him, Heaton’s vocal prowess was well-matched with the brilliant Bellshill singer Rianne Downey, who elevated the performance from her graduation at the River Stage last year to a Main Stage star turn. Overall, Heaton and Downey’s musical collaboration delivered a phenomenal experience to festivalgoers.

Niall Horan, the Irish singer-songwriter, delighted the Glasgow audience with an awesome set full of his hits at the TRNSMT 2023 festival. The audience was treated to an exceptional performance by Niall Horan, who showcased his musical talent and engaging stage presence. His well-known hits were performed with great energy and enthusiasm, leaving the crowd wanting more. The TRNSMT 2023 festival goers were thrilled to witness Niall Horan’s electrifying performance.

George Ezra knows how to bring the house down! His music is a magical blend of gospel, pop ballads, Caribbean rhythms, and a whole lot more. From the moment he hits the stage, you know you’re in for a treat. With choruses that are just MADE for singing, Pretty Shiny People will have thousands of festival-goers shining like diamonds in the sun. And let’s not forget the tasteful slide guitar on Barcelona, which really elevates the song to the next level. With George’s impressive brass section in tow.

Cat Burns is set to headline the King Tut Stage. This talented artist presents herself as personable and approachable, exuding a genuine surprise at being given top billing. Her performance is musically mellow, blending gospel and soul with a modern urban feel. Despite her strong emotional voice, there’s no live band, and only pre-recorded backing tracks are available, which could limit the artistic freedom of the show. Nonetheless, Cat Burns’ soul-stirring vocal expressions are sure to captivate the festival audience and showcase her musical prowess.

Day One of the TRNSMT 2023 festival in Glasgow reached its peak with the highly anticipated performance by the legendary band Pulp. With Jarvis Cocker taking centre stage, the crowd was instantly captivated by the entrancing opening build of ‘I-Spy’. The grand entrance of the band through a plush red curtain and the ensuing beats of ‘Disco 2000’, set the stage for an unforgettable night of music. Pulp’s carefully orchestrated setlist kept the festival-goers dancing and singing along, with a heartfelt tribute to the late bassist Steve Mackey in ‘Something Changed’ adding an emotional touch to the already electrifying performance. The crowd was left in awe, with Pulp cementing their reputation as one of the greatest bands of all time.

Overall, the TRNSMT Festival Day One marked the return of Scotland’s biggest party, and it proved to be well worth the wait for the fans who had been eagerly awaiting its return. With such an impressive start, TRNSMT 2023 promises to be an even more unforgettable experience.

Review by Karen Edmond

Photographs by James Edmond

Author: Karen Edmond

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