CONCERT REVIEW : Yours Truly Reigns Supreme in Mesmerizing King Tut’s Performance! 13th March 2023

Yours Truly had recently played a few European dates and this was the UK leg of the tour. With three exceptionally talented bands on the stage tonight – all female singers – the sell out crowd would be treated to some excellent vocal talent. There was a slight delay in the doors being open, and Lizzy Farrall took to the stage soon after. The singer from Chester had the fans onside from the first song Games, which is from the 2020 album Bruise. Most of the songs that Lizzy Farrall sang were from that same album although we were treated to two new songs including Room 42, which is to be the next single. Her music is a mixture of pop and rock with some hard hitting lyrics and the fans were treated to Yellow Paint, Balloon, Addict and the excellent Barbados, which has over 1.5 plays on spotify alone. Lizzy Farrall defintely gained a few new fans tonight.

Next up were South Arcade, a band from Oxford who were only founded in 2021. They have a very unique sound and put on an energetic live show, with lead singer Harmony Cavell having a great stage presence. Their half hour set included nine songs and began with Bigger Than Anything Ever, their 2022 single, and continued with Deadmeat, Danger, You Wanna Give It, New Fever, Unaware, At The Lights, and even a cover version of Katy Perry’s I Kissed A Girl. The set ended with Sound Of An Empty Room, which is their latest release for 2023. The band left the stage to a rapturous applause from the crowd, who were well and truly warmed up by now and ready for the main act of the night.

Yours Truly are a four-piece band from Sydney, Australia who broke through in 2019 with the EP Afterglow, and they were honoured to be invited to play at the Download festival the same year. In 2020 they released their first album Self Care and in July 2022 their second album Is This What I Look Like? The band are made up of Mikaila Delgado (vocals), Teddy Winder-Haron (guitar), Lachlan Cronin (guitar) and Brad Cronan (drums) and they entertained the crowd with their mixture of rock music for just under an hour. The first song they played was the title track from the 2022 album, Is This What I Look Like? And they went on to play six tracks from that particular album: Hallucinate, Bruises, Careless Kind, Lights On, and the final song of the night was Walk Over My Grave, with singer Mikaila Delgado giving everything vocally. The first date of the UK tour in Birmingham had to be moved due to illness, but Delgado was back at her best vocals tonight. Down the front the crowd were singing every word back to them, while a few mosh pit were being enjoyed across the room. An absolutely outstanding night of music all round and a celebration of the power of female vocals.

Your Truly Track Listing:

  1. Is This What I Look Like? Hallucinate  3. Bruises  4. Siamese Souls  5. Careless Kind  6. Composure  7. Heartsleeve  8. Afterglow  9. Lights On  10. Circles  11. High Hopes  12. Walk Over My Grave

Review by Alan Brown 

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