CONCERT REVIEW : GUN – Barrowland Glasgow – 11th December 2021

GUN – Barrowland Glasgow 11th December 2021

On a damp night in Glasgow  the famous Barrowlands  lights reflected in the pools of water lying on the pavements all around, a small queue could be seen forming with fans waiting eagerly to meet the current protocols,  and gain entry into the venue to see local boys Gun play the iconic Glasgow venue.

The venue half-filled, the time had come for support band The Virginmarys from Macclesfield to step on to the stage. Playing a powerful set of guitar driven rock, the Glasgow audience were captured in the moment as the two piece created a big sound with powerful lyrics. Finishing their short support set with “Bang, Bang, Bang”, they thank the Glasgow audience for taking the time to come out early to see them, after what had been a horrible time for the band and the music industry in general.

It was time for Glasgow local boys to return to the famous stage, a mere stone’s throw from where they grew up in Glasgow’s East End.  The atmosphere was electric, the unmistakable energy could be felt around the venue as the bands intro began pulsing through the pa system, as the lights dimmed the audience in full voice sang along to  “I belong to Glasgow”. The silhouettes of the band were visible through the darkness, ready to take their places on the stage. The eagerly waiting crowd, counting down the seconds, the time had come, the bright red lights lit up the stage revealing the mighty Gun.

It was time, that joyful moment as the lights come on when audience and band meet is upon us, the opening chords of “She Know’s” sent the venue into a frenzy, initialising that moment when the spark plug ignites the engine. The boys were back, performing in the famous venue, their loyal fan base relishing every moment, most of them local but a great number had travelled from all regions of the UK to see them play their hometown show.

Dante Gizzi on lead vocals covered every inch of the stage, making eye contact with the crowd in the front rows of the venue, launching into the epic song from the bands Swagger album “Something Worthwhile”, the feeling of the floor move with the audience jumping and dancing around was enthralling. The crowd and band had formed that happy place away from the events of the past 18 months that had evoked the many restrictions to the live music industry. The band powering through classic songs from Taking on the World and Swagger albums with “Money”, “Don’t say its Over”, “Taking on the World” and the Cameo song that the band made their own “Word up”  had the crowd waving their hands in the air singing at the top of their voices.

Gun’s most recent album “Favourite Pleasures” title track had the room dancing along and singing with full voice, reciting word for word,  creating a lasting bond between the audience and band. Dante took time to chat to the audience about how they would be releasing a new album of reworks of the band hits coming out early next year. This was work that both Joolz and Dante had worked on during the lockdowns over the past 18 months. Telling the Glasgow audience that there would be a new song on the album entitled “Backstreet Brothers”, this was the first play of the track live and it had all the edges of a classic Gun song with a lot of passion coming through on the lyrics and rock driven anthem.

The band went on to perform “Take Me Down” before closing the set with the fans favourites “Inside Out” and “Steal your Fire” before leaving the stage for a short break to grab their breath back after a powerful set of rock classics.

Taking to the stage again after a very short break,  lead singer Dante says it is the Barrowlands you can’t keep us off the stage for too long, opening the encore with the band signature song “Better Days” that took the roof of the venue with the audience in full voice before the awesome “Shame on You” rang out to a wanderlust applause,  the captured moment of the old video footage from the Rolling stones tour was an added treat to the joyful crowd, as the band performed in front of the huge screen they are using for a backdrop. The video brought the song to life with amazing memories of yesteryear, seeing a young band back then taking on the world. The band closed the set with the awesome Beastie Boys classic “(You Gotta ) Fight for your Right (Party!)”, the Gun boys really know how to party and celebrated their return to the Barrowland stage with a classic show that left the Glasgow crowd wanting more. The boys were surely back in town, a show packed with energy and punch capturing a memorable moment in the bands history.

Review by Karen Edmond