CONCERT REVIEW : DMA’s Bring Down the House with Epic Performance at o2 Academy Glasgow! 19th April 2023

The DMAs’ recent concert in Glasgow was a night to remember. From the choice of the city to the electric atmosphere, the 19th April 2023 performance was a triumph for both the band and the fans. The event was supported by the talented British rockers, Demob Happy and Tribes, who set the tone for the night with their energetic and dynamic performances.

Demob Happy, the opening act, immediately grabbed the attention of the crowd with their eclectic sound and dynamic stage presence. Despite being a relatively new band, they have already built a reputation for themselves as a must-see live act.

Tribes, known for their unique blend of indie, punk, and rock, set the tone for the night with their electrifying music. Their solid performance left the crowd wanting more, and was a perfect precursor to the main event.

The DMAs, comprising of Tommy O’Dell, Matt Mason, and Johnny Took, have taken the indie rock world by storm since their formation in 2012. Their heartfelt lyrics and infectious melodies have earned them a legion of dedicated fans, and their live performances have only gotten better with each album. Their Glasgow gig was no exception, proving to be a testament to their ever-growing popularity and prowess as musicians.

The DMAs‘ setlist was expertly curated, combining fan favourites with new material. The passionate response from the audience was evident during the performance of ‘Olympia,’ a track that had never been performed live before. The band’s emotionally charged rendition of ‘Lay Down‘ was another highlight of the night, and the encore that followed was truly unforgettable.

The DMAs‘ Glasgow gig was a testament to their status as one of the most talented and captivating live bands of their generation. The 19th April 2023 concert was a night that will live on in the memories of all who were there, and has undoubtedly set the bar incredibly high for future live music events. Fans left the venue with a renewed sense of awe and appreciation for their favourite band, and the magic of the DMAs was truly on display.

Review and Photographs by James Edmond

Author: James Edmond

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