CONCERT REVIEW : BECKY HILL o2 Academy Glasgow 3rd Oct 2021

Photo Credit James Edmond

Becky Hill – o2 Academy Glasgow – 3rd October 2021

The show over a year late and the fans a year older, were eager to take their positions at the front of stage, the young audience you could feel their passion and excitement within the atmosphere. The stage draped with a blue curtain for the support to perform.

As the lights dimmed it was time for Richard Fairlie to take the stage, performing solo with a excellent voice that captured the audience, with his superb performance. Richard is one to watch, if you get a chance to come down early to the tour you won’t be disappointed.

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The time had come that the sold-out Glasgow audience had been waiting for, some of her fans had waited well over a year for this show. As the lights dimmed you could feel the excitement. After her headline performance at the recent Trnsmt the fans were in for a treat from the Worcestershire queen of pop.

The stage lights up blue revealing her stage set, skeleton type cubes, that her band set up with in, theses structures were light up to form a fascinating centre piece. As the intro music filled the room eagerly waiting on the arrival of Becky Hill, fans at the front hoping to catch the first sight of their hero. Then the moment arrived as Becky took to the stage greeting her fans before exploding in to song and bringing tears of joy to fans in the front row perched against the barrier.

The singer now classed as the queen of British pop, opened her set with classic that the Glasgow audience sang word for word, brining great emotion to Becky’s smile as the audience was in full voice. Opening with Heaven on My Mind, Afterglow and Through The Night, she had the audience eating from the palm of her hand. This is an audience that was holding on to every word and second from the performance. The joy was flowing through the band and Becky you could see was having a real great night, like she was walking on cloud nine.

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From winning the Voice UK, Becky has not stood still, she has grown in stature and has become a household name featuring on the play lists of the younger generation. This could be seen in full flow tonight with the o2 Academy filled by music lovers of all ages. The emotion on some of their faces, showed the joy of seeing and hearing their idol live in concert. A night that created memories for some of the younger audience members.

Becky’s set was filled with her pop and dance floor classics, the show really brough back what it was like before covid had closed down all the live music venues. Stand out songs from the set included Lose Control, Better Off Without You and Wish You well. These were delivered with passion and awesome vocals. Putting on a great stage performance delighting every part of the venue from back to front. You would never have thought that after the epic performance at Trnsmt, it would take and almighty one to top that.  Tonight, was that night she just took her show to a brand-new level and the audience took in every second of it holding on to every last moment.

The highlight from the set was to out standing moments were the Glasgow audience and Becky became one during “Afterglow” and “Gecko (Overdrive)”. It was emotional but a pleasure to be part of the moment.

If you have not seen Becky live in concert, catch her at one of these venues before she heads to the arena style venues, after much of this tour having the sold-out signs up on the door.

Review and Photographs by James Edmond

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