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We caught up with Ash during their tour of Down Under, the band where great about doing and arranging this interview around their heck take tour schedule and promotional work. Here is what the band had to say to us here at Scotland Calling.(Now Scottish Music Network) Interviewed by Scottish Music Network

SMN : – What do you think has been the high and low points in the bands career?

ASH: – Obviously having a number one album was good and then playing the peace concert with U2 in Belfast was an emotional time for all of us (in a good way). Getting burnt out on tour was hell, and being stalked by various people was a real pain.

SMN :- How did the band feel when ‘1977’ spent four months at number one on the UK charts? Was it a case of how long could it hang on there for or was it a case of how many people out there like our music.

ASH: – I think we all really felt like it wasn’t real. From the outside it must have looked incredible. But with us it was “Well, nothing changed with us, so what’s the big deal?”

SMN : – What do you think the band has got that seems to bring people out to your shows?

ASH: – Nonstop pure Adrenalin, with breathers when we play the ballads.

SMN : – Where has been the bands most memorable show that will stick in the minds of each person in the band?

ASH: – The big day out in Sydney, Tim’s acoustic gig at Dingwalls, headlining the second stage @ V97, Belfast Waterfront.

SMN : – How did the band feel about doing the Belfast Waterfront show alongside U2? This must have been a great experience for the band as a show not about the circumstances.

ASH: – It was amazing! Especially playing with U2 – They have been so supportive of us. But manly the feeling of hope in that room was just incredible. People were openly crying.

SMN : – As we can see with the bands influences, they are very varied. What would you say was the bands overall influence around the band’s sound?

ASH: – Anything from the Beastie Boys to Van Morrison.

SMN : – Where did the band get its name from?

ASH: – It was the first name we liked in the dictionary.

SMN : – When do you think we can expect a UK tour? Apart from the one off Newcastle show.

ASH: – Contrary to what you may have read in the press we will be doing other dates here in the UK……..

SMN : – At the turn of the year 2000, has the band made any plans to what they are attending to do or be?

ASH: – In New York.

SMN : – What sort of Venues does the band really enjoy playing in? (Club, Ballroom, arena, stadium or festivals)

ASH: – Stadium

SMN : – The latest album ‘NU-CLEAR SOUNDS’, where did the band get the name of the album from and why?

ASH: – From a launderette in New York called ‘NU-CLEAR WASH’.

Interview Featured in Scotland Calling Issue 4 January 2000

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