TIRED OF FIGHTING release their new single ‘Night Dwellers’

Newcastle’s own Tired of Fighting release their excellent new single ‘Night Dwellers’ watch their video fo the ‘Night Dwellers’ 

More about Tired of Fighting 

In early 2019, Tired of Fighting ventured out into the world with their explosive brand of emotive punk. They started beating the living daylights out of their instruments in front of audiences across the North East, and their momentum has been gathering ever since.

The trio from Newcastle transition from hurtling walls of noise to heartfelt whispers with ease. It is this dynamism along with the intensity, passion, and sincerity of their live shows that have attracted their fans to date.

With a 2nd single due for release in early 2020, and with such shows as opening for Mallory Knox already under their belt, Tired of Fighting will look to establish themselves as one of the powerhouses of the UK independent rock scene.

FFO: Taking Back Sunday and Motion City Soundtrack

’emotional, powerful and raw, their unapologetically honest lyrics portray the beautiful vulnerability that their music has been written with’ (Bandstand Magazine)

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