ROZU (Japanese for Rose) is a post-hardcore 4-piece from Denver, Colorado consisting of longtime artists Tim Graham on vocals, David Sundine on guitar, Brian Robertson on drums, and Henry Navarre on bass. With a hard-hitting debut EP on the horizon ROZU aims to take both local and national music scenes by storm. With full intention to tour constantly and consistently in support of their debut effort the latter half of 2018, ROZU is the next Denver band to keep your eyes on, as their penchant for all things driving, melodic, and heavy make them a standout you won’t want to miss.

Tell us about yourself.

When did the band start?

We all came together in the later part of summer in 2017. The band was announced publicly in June of 2018 with the release of our first single.

Where are you from?

We are from Denver Colorado in the US.

How did you start?

It started with me (Tim) and guitarist DJ getting together after a little music hiatus we took after our previous band fell apart. We just started sitting down and writing music in my home studio and pretty much wrote an albums worth of songs. Shortly after we linked up with our producer Tyler Ruehl who is a good friend from California and really started finding our sound with his help and input. From there we brought in Henry and Brian to complete the members of this project and began writing what would be an EP with Tyler and decided to release those songs as singles until we finalized our album.

What style of music do you class yourselves as?

We ride a very fine line of metalcore and post hardcore music. The great genre debate as our bassist Henry would say. To the date we have really only shown the metalcore and more aggressive side of the band, but a lot of sadness is on the way.

Who are the biggest bands influences?

For this project a lot of the influence comes from bands such as Underoath, Wage War, Like Moths to Flames, Beartooth, Oceans Ate Alaska, and Thousand Below.


Are you signed to a record label?

Currently we are an unsigned band.

Plans for the year.

What are the bands plans for this year?

Our biggest plan for the year is finishing this album and hitting the road as much as we can. We still have a handful of singles to release. We have been building the foundation for about 2 years now and we just want to continue to grow.

Do you have any tours booked?

We do have a few tours in the works right now but cannot comment on when at the moment.

New releases?

Absolutely, we really love to release a new song every couple months and we still have a couple singles to release before we even begin to think about the album cycle.

Where do you hope to see yourself in 12 months’ time (realistic)?

Realistically we are aiming to be signed and, on the road as much as it makes sense. We continue to see a steady increase in our reach and fanbase and we just want to continue to see that trajectory rising.

Questions to close with.

What can people expected from your stage show if they are coming to see you live?

It is very cliché to say but a lot of energy. We take pride in how honest our music is and how passionate we are about what we are doing. This reflects on the stage mostly with us putting everything we have every single show we play. Whether it is an empty room or a full room we are going to put on the same performance.

Give us one word that you would describe your band?

Honest. We write how we are feeling, and a lot of the lyrical content is my therapy of getting my own demons past and present off my chest. The kind of honesty and vulnerability can be easily heard and seen within our music.

If there was one sentence that would relate to your band as a selling point what would it be?

A perfect blend of all things melodic and heavy, something you could both swing your fists too while taking your emotions on a wildly sad ride.

Lastly, tell us your ambitions for the next 12 months?

We truly just want to continue what we have been doing for the past two years, writing and growing. We are a band that never stops writing which is a blessing and a curse but, we finally all feel great about this album showcasing us at our best. We work hard and grind every day and will continue to do just that in 2020.

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