Progressive metallers CHIASMATA release video for new single ‘Foreboding’

Progressive metal quartet CHIASMATA have released the video for their latest single ‘Foreboding’, the third taste of their forthcoming release. 

The video for ‘Foreboding’ explores the song title in a fitting manner. The figures represented by the band appear misrepresented against the beautiful landscapes that provide the setting for this piece. Unable to shake the feeling that something is wrong, it becomes abundantly clear that this release deals with a struggle of powerlessness. 

Check out the video for ‘Foreboding’

In light of the concept and composition of previous single ‘Absolution’, there is something uncomfortable about ‘Foreboding’ from the outset; there is no mistaking that this is the catharsis of a band wearing its heart on its sleeve. Much more direct in its approach to the difficult subject matter that it shares with some of the band’s other offerings, this track pulls no punches as it explores the depths of personal conflict while further cementing the band’s vision.

CHIASMATA comment on the single:

“When writing ‘Foreboding’ we wanted to confront some uncomfortable topics and see what that cathartic process would produce. In confronting these topics, the compositional ideas that quickly materialised set the tone for the entire track – tension that only finds temporary relief before clawing its way back. The reprieve of stripping back the instrumentation was immediately challenged by the use of odd metres; the lyrical concepts that were being explored manifested their ebbs and flows in dramatic, dynamic shifts throughout. This was a window that we couldn’t close once we had opened it, serving to produce a track that has a troubled identity all of its own.”

Based in Manchester, CHIASMATA are a four-piece progressive metal band who are bridging the gap between the atmospheric sensibilities of cinematic acts and the relentless complexity of modern technical metal. The young outfit strive to deliver their vision in line with lofty compositional ambition. The vocal hooks and melodic maturity that are staple to the band’s methodology are welcome anchorage, providing temporary reprieve as they navigate a turbulent sonic landscape.

See CHIASMATA at one of the following dates:

27.01.2020 – Liverpool, The Jacaranda Club (w/ Godeater and VEXED)
07.04.2020 – Manchester, Night People (w/ Altostratus

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