On Friday March 27, Swedish trio Peter Bjorn and John will host a live video-stream marathon for 36 hours on Twitch from their INGRID Studios in Stockholm called ‘36h INGRID, the stream will start at 1pm GMT (2pm CET) and end on Sunday the 29th at 2am GMT (3am CET). The band will play a live set with songs from their brand new album ‘Endless Dream’ for the first time, songs they were supposed to tour America with right now but due to the Corona virus pandemic, being forced to postpone the tour until the autumn, this is the next best thing.

Peter Bjorn and John will play live at 9pm GMT (10pm CET) on Friday the 27th. They will also interact with fans during the set and it’s possible for viewers to donate via PayPal – – to cover costs for crew and gear. Any remaining funds will be divided between the artists, a lot of whom are in a tough spot and missing out on income at the moment.

Besides Peter Bjorn and John, ‘36h INGRID’ will offer live and DJ sets from several of Peter Bjorn and John’s friends in and surrounding the INGRID collective. Live performances include artists like Freja The Dragon, Tussilago, Esther, Johnossi and OLSSON. We can also expect DJ performances from Studio Barnhus’s Axel Boman and Kornél Kovács and more.

INGRID Twitch channel:

36h INGRID Facebook event with full line-up here :

Celebrating two decades together, earlier this month Peter Bjorn and John released their ninth LP ‘Endless Dream’, the follow up to 2018’s’ Darker Days’.

Listen to ‘Endless Dream’ here –

The album’s stunning artwork was Illustrated by ‘Writers Block’ LP artist Graham Samuels and was designed by Frans Enmark and ties together with the cover art for the six singles released from the record – “Rusty Nail,” “Reason To Be Reasonable,” “Idiosyncrasy,” “On The Brink,” “Drama King” and “Music.”

Peter Bjorn and John – and ‘Endless Dream’ LP is out now via INGRID.

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