NYC Technical Metal Band Open The Nile Sign with Death Toll Records

Band Debuting New Single/Video “Borealis” Off ‘The Meridian’ LP Out March 13, 2020

Open The Nile, a four-piece technical and experimental metal band from New York City has signed with Death Toll Records and will release their label debut ‘The Meridian’ on March 13, 2020.

A music video for the first single “Borealis” is premiering on Ghost Cult Magazine 

The band says, “We’re glad to be working with Death Toll Records to make our next move! We want to thank everyone involved with the making of this album and video. You helped us create something we’re really proud of.
Westfall Recording Company NY for Recording and producing us.
Tom Flynn for video and direction. Katie Thompson for her phenomenal creative input. Last but not least, Kristina Kaminsky as our female lead!”

Pre-save ‘The Meridian’ here

Open The Nile transforms European progressive atmospheres through a lens of American heaviness. The band’s sound is not limited by the metal genre but also absorbs and combines elements of intense guttural/growling with melodic catchy singing, booming polyrhythms, cutting dynamical driving guitars, intricate low-end bass, and science-fiction-inspired abstract orchestral arrangements.

Starting in 2012, the band exploded on the scene with “Visions of the Next Dimension,” a journey through alternate versions. Having three years to mature, OPEN THE NILE released “The Efflorescence of Creation” which delves into our creation myth. Finally, in 2017, OPEN THE NILE released “Levity;” an observation of dystopian future realms.

The band has been likened to a combination of progressive elements stemming from European bands such as Opeth and Extol to American bands like Porcupine Tree and The Devin Townsend Project. They also have moments akin to Sevendust, as well as heavier tech elements of bands such as Necrophagist, Beyond Creation, and Obscura. Their music comes at you with wild turns and odd time placements to not only give the listener a shock, but also a way to fall into their beautiful atmospheric groove.

Through this medium, OPEN THE NILE takes the listener on a journey through self-revelation; entertaining the mystical beginnings of mankind shrouded in mystery. OPEN THE NILE implores the listener to ponder our ancient beginnings, our secret knowledge, and what lies beneath the ever-flowing waters of life. Through performance, they evoke deeper emotional meanings of our existence.

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