NUMBER – Red Snapper duo fuse fearless electronica, post-punk, noise, funk and jazz on new project



“Brilliant electro-dub sci-fi” ELECTRONIC SOUND

NUMBER is a new forward-thinking sound machine fronted by Ali Friend and Rich Thair – the co-founders and rhythm section of electronic pioneers and musical renegades, Red Snapper.

Inspired by a love of A Certain Ratio, Talking Heads, P funk and scratchy dub, the industrious duo have recently been busy in the studio working on new material together, and are pleased to announce the release of their debut album entitled ‘Binary’, released 24th April via Sunday Best Recordings.

NUMBER enjoy the clash of old ideas with new ideas; old sounds with new sounds; acoustic with electronic. They seamlessly fuse elements of funk, jazz, post punk and noise with fearless electronica, to create their own unique and dynamic musical vision which is danceable, thrilling and deeply progressive. Dirty disco bass lines, noisy drum machines, wonky percussion, leering live drums, broken guitar melodies and the floating vocals of Dan carney (Astronauts), Luisa Gerstein and Heloise Tunstall-Behrens, create a compelling collision of sonic textures, leftfield beats and found sound.

“When we first met, before the birth of Red Snapper, we would get together in a community hall in Hammersmith and come up with live disco and funk ideas – on drums, bass and guitar – and then record them onto a four track cassette machine. The recorded stuff was left hanging – unfinished I guess – but sounding great and with lots of space. With NUMBER, I think we are pulling those percussive funky feelings back up to the surface from their submerged state, and giving them a bit of mouth to mouth.  Unfinished disco business.”

From the slicing live drums and jagged guitar melodies of ‘Red Flag’, the hypnotic mutant grooves of ‘Titan Shuff’, the do-it-yourself, art school approach to ‘Face Down in Ecstasy’ – recently premiered on the UK’s biggest dance music website Data Transmission, to the sub-tropical, funk-infused ‘Wedge’ and the sonic industrial inflections of ‘Never Change’, the duo constantly question and re-define their musical sensibilities across ten innovative tracks of warped rhythms and loose limbed grooves.

Sharing a deep musical heritage and bond, the pair formed the critically acclaimed electronic fusion band Red Snapper in 1993 and are known for their pioneering synthesis of acoustic instruments and electronic textures. Signed to Warp Records and Lo Recordings, to date, they have released 8 studio albums including the iconic ‘Prince Blimey’ (1996) and ‘Hyena’ (2015), the ground-breaking soundtrack to accompany the Senegalese film ‘Touki Bouki’ (1973).

In addition to Red Snapper, Ali and Rich have also been involved in numerous other projects. Ali worked with Clayhill from 2004-2009, co-writes and performs with Beth Orton and is a member of folk musical project, The Imagined Village. Rich formed lo-fi duo Toob with Jakeone and also performs with electronic act Petwo Evans with long term collaborator Jake Williams.

Ali and Rich have performed all over the world including collaborating live with such electronic luminaries as The Prodigy, Björk and Massive Attack. They have remixed the likes of The Sugarhill Gang and Songhoy Blues.