NEW SINGLE : Emmy Award winning The Bergamot frontman NATHANIEL PAUL releases moving new single ‘SONGBIRD’ today, ahead of 2021 debut solo album release

Photo Credit – Jillian Speece 2021



New York City, NY – January 4th 2021

We all want to go back….

What will become of 2021? The dream is to go back. The nightmare is that we never can.

“Songbird” is one man’s story of escape, as 2021 towers over us.

During quarantine, I had to make a trip to the grocery store. I met an elderly man who struck up a conversation with me. We almost seemed to be kindred spirits. He began the conversation with, “Life is hard when you outlive all the ones you love.”

It seemed like a bit of a quick start to a conversation, but I could tell he just needed someone to talk to. After talking for a while, I felt this sense that he had that the world at large had forgotten about him. But he had created a plan to travel the world on a train he had read about. He could work on the train and it would take him across the world. He was amidst planning his way out.

“Songbird” was a direct inspiration from that moment. This idea of life after all that you love and care for is gone. His story resonated with me in the way that I feel from COVID taking away so many small businesses – so many dreams from all of us.

But what do we do now? Where do we go from here?

 “Songbird” hopes to take you to a place of hope amidst a looming dark shadow cast over the world.

Nathaniel Paul will release his debut full-length solo album in the summer of 2021 (via AWAL).

Nathaniel is one-half of Brooklyn, NY based duo The Bergamot.  The band are currently busy co-producing a full-length documentary, entitled ‘State of the Unity,’ filmed across an entire twelve-month US road-trip and set for release in early 2021.