NEW SINGLE : Emerging alt-pop artist Chloe Rodgers shares the stirring new video for her latest single ‘The Algea’

“”The Algea” is a dreamy slice of baroque pop” – THE LINE OF BEST FIT

(Song Of The Day)

“Chloe Rodgers is the youthful face of alt-pop you should already be getting to know.” –WONDERLAND

“Rodgers’ stated admiration for Thom Yorke is evident in both her lithe and immaculate vocals and her layered lyrical musings. Much like the Radiohead frontman, she walks a thin line between connected peace and crushing anxiety” – UNDER THE RADAR

“Chloe Rodgers perfectly encapsulates her sorrow on “The Algea”” – EARMILK

“Chloe Rodgers takes a different approach to pop music… her otherworldly vocals opening up a portal to a fascinatingly serene new world.” – REFINERY 29

“With whispering vocals and an acoustic guitar that builds into cinematic strings, Chloe Rodgers’ new track is a beautiful piece of sonic work” – NOTION

 “symphonic art pop” – UNDER THE RADAR

On her previous singles, Rodgers has already proven herself exceedingly mature, both musically and emotionally, but “The Algea” is the boldest yet.” – BEATS PER MINUTE

With support already coming in from the likes of The Line Of Best Fit, Under The Radar (21 for 2021), Earmilk, CLASH, Wonderland Magazine, Refinery 29, Record of the Day, Notion, Songwriting Magazine, Beats Per Minute, Nothing But Hope and Passion, When The Horn Blows (Ones to Watch 2021), The Most Radicalist, The Rodeo Mag and many many more over the last year, emerging artist Chloe Rodgers has now returned to deliver the new video for her latest single ‘The Algea’.

Originally marking her third release of 2020 after ‘A Delphian Lullaby’ and ‘Faces’, ‘The Algea’ showcased her more euphoric and textured direction to which these new visuals elevate throughout. Produced alongside creative director Kate Lomas, the new video gives us a more intimate insight into her persona and heightens the original release with its rich and colourful perspective.

Speaking about the new video, Chloe said, “We filmed the music video on a freezing cold day at Newstead Abbey in Nottingham. I wanted to use a music box in the video to represent being objectified and getting stuck in the same cycles, as that’s largely what the song is about. I wrote the song when I was 18, but didn’t add the verse at the end about claiming my power back until a couple of years later when I felt a bit stronger. We tried to reflect this in the video too with the Chloe in white sort of protecting the other Chloe of the past.”

While Kate Lomas added, “This was such a joy to watch come together, the video concept is based around the idea that Chloe is the character in a music box, she’s the performer that’s spinning round on an endless cycle for other people’s entertainment. The video tells the tale of Chloe definitely breaking this cycle and no longer playing this role.”

Born and raised in Nottingham – a part of the United Kingdom that she still enjoys living in – Chloe is lucky enough to have the kind of disposition that makes you swoon at the impossibility of her existence within the confines of what it is to be a modern day pop star.

With influences that stretch from PJ Harvey to Billie Eilish, she notes Thom Yorke as her biggest inspiration, explaining “You know immediately that his lyrics have hidden depths,” she suggests, “but the deeper you dig, the further you are from getting to what they might mean.”

Chloe first came to public attention after accidentally winning Notts X Factor – she was interning at a local record label and was put up for an audition by her boss – which resulted in pecuniary financial advantage, a series of local gigs and a presence on YouTube that brought her to the attention of music producer and composer, Anders Källmark and Crowds And Power record label.

“She was so effortlessly talented”, says Källmark, “that we thought she must be performing a series of covers. But she wasn’t!” Kallmark subsequently included her as the main vocal component in Twenty Committee, an innovative, contemporaneous project featuring a rotating cast of songwriters and performers bearing a loose resemblance – at least in conception – to that ever-elusive, 1980s abstract phenomenon known as This Mortal Coil. “Chloe is absolutely integral to Twenty Committee and puts her own spin on everything we do together,” adds Källmark.

With a string of future releases at the ready, Chloe Rodgers looks to have a bright solo career on the horizon. She is most definitely one to watch in 2021.