MULIMBA (aka Ash Mulimba from HAUS) releases new single ‘Your Own Blood’ today

MULIMBA (aka Ash Mulimba of HAUS) releases his new single ‘Your Own Blood’. A dark and brooding track about the closest of all relationships, family and the ability to argue, but then forgive one another. His songwriting is shot through with naked emotion, utilising crunching indie and searing soul, gospel-influences and rock distortion, clipped guitar lines and surging electronics.

Speaking about the new single MULIMBA explains, “Your Own Blood is about family. That could mean your family by blood, your best friend/ close group of friends or ultimate just somebody that you care about deeply. I wrote Your Own Blood whilst going through a rough patch with somebody very close to me, but even though we were both hurt by things we’d done and said to each other, we still had an unconditional love for each other. No matter what you’re going through, good or bad, family will always be there.”

The London based singer and former frontman with HAUS, is bringing a new raw energy and ferocious attitude to the indie pop scene. A fierce performer, MULIMBA promises to provide an experience you don’t want to miss. This was self evident on his debut single ‘Damn’, which was produced by ex HAUS band member HYLTON and released at the end of 2019.

For a while there Ash Mulimba needed to be alone. Frontman with HAUS, the band was reaching higher and higher goals, playing to bigger and bigger audiences, but something wasn’t right. Unfulfilled, he took a step back, and the group split. Gradually, he became someone else – he became MULIMBA, bringing every ounce of grit, heart and talent forward from his time with the band.

After a six-month hiatus he returned to the studio and a fire was soon burning within him. Working on more and more ideas, MULIMBA began to take on great meaning, both musically and personally. Ash has always been open about his difficulties with mental health – suffering from anxiety and depression, he’s undergone years of therapy, and this has found full concert with his songwriting. “I wouldn’t say it’s completely healing,” he comments, “but it does help you break down your own mind. It explores why you think in certain ways, and why you react to certain things, and why you do certain things.”

MULIMBA is a fresh beginning, the point where this potent songwriter begins to communicate with the world once more.