Monolithic Sludge Metallers BEGGAR Release New Video; Announce Debut Album

Album Compelled to Repeat to be released via APF Records April 3rd 2020

Video ‘Black Cloud’ out now

‘Beggar are a destructively heavy band.’ – Alex Baker, Kerrang
‘Ridiculous in the heaviest way possible.’ – The Obelisk
 ‘Chest-caving, suffocating heaviness.’ – No Clean Singing

Emerging from the nihilistic quagmire of London, four-piece BEGGAR have announced their debut album Compelled To Repeat will be released on April 3rd via APF Records. Not so much unleashing their album as hurling it in frustration into the faces of the general public, BEGGAR propound a kind of sludge-meets-extreme-metal pandemic of tar thick riffs and groove, blasts, emotional vocal discharge and genre-bending brutality.

Pre-order Compelled To Repeat here: 

Originally premiered via Decibel Magazine, the band have also released their new single ‘Black Cloud’. 

Recorded with Wayne Adams (responsible for recent works by Green Lung, 11Paranoias and Terminal Cheesecake) at Bear Bites Horse, London and mastered by the master of noise himself, James Plotkin (Sunn O))), ISIS, Pelican and Earth), Compelled To Repeat is a fuming tornado of aggression and frustration, offering a glimpse into a new sphere of savagery. 

Originally founded in Bristol in 2011 as a means of melding big riffs and grooves with a blackened mode of expression, BEGGAR have honed their bubbling hatred over a series of EPs into something that might defy categorisation altogether. 
Impossible to fit solely within the sludge bracket, their sound nonetheless nods to the huge monoliths of tone that such a tag implies. More multi-faceted than the death metal or hardcore genres would allow, BEGGAR still use the sheer brutality and visceral dynamics of those styles as their primary means of propulsion. Fans of bands such as Iron Monkey, Eyehategod and Napalm Death will all find a comfortable auditory home with BEGGAR. Most will find it a hard journey and startlingly abhorent, but for the brave few lies a raucous audio initiation into the hellish world of BEGGAR.  

BEGGAR will release their debut album, Compelled to Repeat, on April 3rd 2020 via APF Records. Preorder via APF Records or Bandcamp


26 March – London launch at the Dev, UK (with Road Mutant, Wallowing)
27 March – Bristol launch at Old England, UK (with TBA)
28 March – Record Junkie, Sheffield, UK (with Dopelord)
29 March – The Bread Shed, Manchester, UK (Riffolution Festival)
6 June – Boom, Leeds, UK (Stonebaked Festival)
5 Nov – Star & Garter, Manchester, UK (with Desert Storm)
6 Nov – Ivory Blacks, Glasgow, UK (with Desert Storm)
7 Nov – Tap ‘n’ Tumbler, Nottingham, UK (with Desert Storm)
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1) Blood Moon
2) Anaesthete
3) The Cadaver Speaks
4) Black Cloud
5) Trepanned Head Stares at the Sun
6) Custody of the Eyes
7) Tenantless the Graves
8) Matryoshka Brain

9) Compelled to Repeat

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