As soon as you press play it is clear the Mike Scott is back to his best – big brash brass and flourishing electric guitars explode into your ears, Scott’s forceful, powerful, accented vocals hit home like a bullet and it’s like the Waterboys all over again. His previous solo album ‘ Bring ’em All in‘ was a rather quiet, reserved affair, with the emphasis on acoustic simplicity, whereas this album struts with grandeur, the ‘ Big Music‘ as the Waterboys trademark has returned with vengeance.

Scott has reinvented himself, and is letting the world know that he knows what he’s best at: strong, twisting, vigorous melodies, backed up with grand, assertive lyrics and vocals, brimming with confidence and passion. Splendid strings combine beautifully with Scott’s emotive vocal on ‘ Love Anyway‘, while tracks such as ‘ Questions‘ and Rare, Precious and gone’ rekindle the brass driven power of yesteryear, but most of all the dynamic electric guitars are a delight.

Taken from Scotland Calling (Scottish Music Network)

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