Megan Black – releases “Hang Out Dry” on the 10th April

“Absolutely outstanding” – Resonate

“Cracking voice – Cracking track” – Off Grid

“A serious talent with a captivating voice.” – SAE Live Glasgow

Megan Black is a blues rock musician from Scotland. Over the last year Megan has released two singles which have caught the attention of many in the music scene within Scotland. Her debut single ‘Fur Coat Queen’ brought her into the top 10 for the new BBC Singer Songwriter Award. Megan continues to develop her songwriting skills and writes about important topics such as sexism, LGBTQ+ and mental health issues.

“Hang Out Dry” is a song focusing on addiction and the strain it places on the relationships. Megan began writing this track at a time where her feeling for a loved one only seemed to consist of despair – mainly that she could no longer “fix” them or mould them into someone she longed for them to be.

Megan explained, “It has become more apparent to me that I’m just as much the addict as they are and have been hurting those around me in the process ‘the pain we’ve both caused, we’ll just let it go’ (a line from the song). 

Her need to “fix” them was born of a necessity not to look too deeply at herself or her own problems. Therefore, the song started to become aimed more at her way of ignoring the parts of herself that she can’t seem to fix, while neglecting anyone who reflected that in the process.

This song sets out to show the vulnerability of addiction and to highlight the parts of ourselves we don’t ever want to face or admit. The music video for this song mirrors this meaning with repetitive, ‘trippy’ imagery that symbolises addiction.

The launch night for this single will be held at The Voodoo Rooms in Edinburgh on the 11th of April with support from Aster, Alicia Deanna and The Cobalts.


Up and Coming Gigs:

27 March 2020 – Box, Glasgow

11 April 2020 – Voodoo Rooms, Edinburgh

02 May 2020 – Gig in the Goil


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