Lucinda Williams Returns With Critically Acclaimed New Album ‘Good Souls Better Angels’

Out Now On Highway20/Thirty Tigers
Rough Trade IG TV ‘Transmissions’ – April 28th

“Lucinda Williams is an artist who seems to grow into the depths of her voice with every album…..rawer and more rousing by the minute” – Q (5*)

“If there’s one thing Williams can do more powerfully and eloquently than her peers, it’s 
songs of raw-gut rage” – 
MOJO (4*)

“Williams delivers a jaw-dropping vocal performance”– Sunday Times (Album Of The Week)

Lucinda Williams hasreleased her ferociously brilliant new album ‘Good Souls Better Angels’ to across the board acclaim. Out now on Highway20/Thirty Tigers, it’s an album that resonates politically and socially like nothing else, and tackles issues with raw emotion.

Lucinda will be broadcasting an exclusive Instagram TV Transmission to fans on the @roughtrade & @roughtradenyc Instagram TV feeds tomorrow at 6.00pm UK time. This Transmission will be free for all to view, and will remain on Instagram TV for the foreseeable future! Rough Trade Transmissions is a new IG TV series curating exclusive artist content, broadcasting on weekdays.

On Good Souls Better Angels, Williams changes course and chooses to forgo the personal and narrative-based songcraft that has become synonymous with her name and instead speaks to some of the injustices permeating our society. The new songs cut straight to the core with frank and honest commentary on domestic abuse (“Wakin’ Up”), the constant barrage of news (“Bad News Blues”) the dangerous, quick to judge and convict aspects of social media (“Shadows & Doubts) and the haunting reality of the “Man Without A Soul”.

Lucinda recorded Good Souls Better Angels backed by her remarkable, long time band, featuring Butch Norton (drums), Stuart Mathis (guitar) and David Sutton (bass). The rock- solid unit propels the music with both fire and finesse, particularly on the raw blues number “You Can’t Rule Me”, which kicks off the album with equal parts attitude and swing.

Good Souls Better Angels also features some of Williams’ most intimate and up front vocals on record. She addresses the pain of depression on the achingly beautiful “Big Black Train” and tenderly delivers a poignant song of hope with “When The Way Gets Dark”.

She encourages us to push forward on the path of promise and perseverance on the deeply soulful and moving album closer “Good Souls”. Good Souls Better Angels marks the first time Williams’ husband/manager Tom Overby is credited as a co-writer on many of the new songs. The album was co-produced by Williams, Overby and Ray Kennedy, who last worked with Williams on her 1998 landmark album Car Wheels On A Gravel Road.

“Finally, the world has come round to Williams’ way of thinking.” – The Times (4*)

“The guitar playing throughout is fantastic…It is an angry record but one that can make you shake your fist into the void and feel that, at least, no matter how bad things might look, you are not alone.” – Telegraph (4*)

“She writes about toxic masculinity and abusive relationships with splendid candour, and she sings with a fresh, unnerving snarl that weaponises her signature twang.” – Uncut 8/10

“’Lucinda Williams is at her firebrand best on Good Souls, Better Angels.” 
– The Line Of Best Fit (8/10)

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