Londoner Harry Mold releases his riotous new single ‘Treadmill In A Desert’ today

“Living eternal Sundays… don’t think I’m going anywhere”

Londoner Harry Mold releases his riotous new single ‘Treadmill In A Desert’ on April 17th April through Touch Recordings. A lyrically prophetic, blazing indie-rock track, though written long before the current situation the world finds itself in, it couldn’t be more relevant.

“Gotta relive this moment

Over and over and over it goes 

Living eternal Sunday’s

Feeling so warm 

Trying but getting nowhere 

Might as well lay right here on the spot

Where’s the progression? Show me 

Feeling so warm 

Gotta prepare for the storm”

Speaking about the track, Harry says, “‘Treadmill In A Desert’ is all about the pressure you can feel when you’re in a stagnant/stationary state of mind. Like when you feel things around you moving at a normal pace, but nothing is changing in your own head. This feeling made me feel like I was about to explode, so I transmitted that straight to my song.”

‘Treadmill In A Desert’ features B-side ‘Drain’ (Gentry Remix) and is the follow up to blistering indie rock anthem ‘Python’ – which goes straight for the jugular, taking an instant hold – and Mold’s explosive debut single ‘Drain’ – an incredibly powerful opener from this exciting new talent.

Harry Mold has already drawn praise from numerous online tastemakers including: Earmilk, Tonspion, The Most Radicalist, When The Horn Blows, Record of the Day and many more and amassed over 200K streams.

Mold, who was born in Basildon to an “old-school West Ham father and an Essex-born mother” but grew up in Benidorm and London, has arrived at a pivotal moment in music culture.  

Mold is the antithesis of the algorithm – a self-produced multi-instrumentalist who funnels the experiences of an early-twenties youngster in 2020 into infectious rock anthems. As a songwriter, he dives into generational unrest, where every emotion is hashtagged with profound colloquialisms, which then explode in massive choruses. As a live performer, he ratchets up that anxiety, and when the choruses hit, the payload is euphoric. His nickname is H-Bomb for a reason.

“I have the confidence to go onstage in front of 90,000 people,” says Harry Mold, a 21-year-old Londoner with a batch of gritty-graceful songs. “I’d do it tomorrow. I love the effect I have on people when I’m onstage, the adrenaline is insane, being vulnerable in front of all those people…” Coming from a freckly ginger lad with braces on his teeth, you wonder if he’s blowing smoke, but then you hear the music and see the live show and think, “Wait a second – Harry WHO?”

Harry Mold – ‘Treadmill In A Desert’ is out now through Touch Recordings.


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