Scottish Music Network caught up with the Mystery Jets during lockdown to see what the band are up too and chat about their forthcoming album release.

Thanks for taking our questions during the current lockdown in the UK, for music lovers out there that has never listened to your music can you give them an introduction what they can expect?

No worries thanks for asking me questions! Our new album is channeling the spirit of protest and lives very much on the street and the hearts of people who inspire positive change. It’s really heavy and rocking sometimes too.

Your new album “A Billion Heartbeats” entering the UK charts at number 18, with it released on digital format only do you think this has benefited the band or do you feel you would have had more sales if it had come out on all formats?

Ah yes It was a bit tricky that. I do think physical sales make a huge difference. it is still being released physically so hoorah! Comes out in June I believe.

With most of the promotion of the album completed pre lockdown do you feel that you benefited from this compared to bands releasing albums in the first few weeks of the lockdown?

Ah I don’t know really I think it’s been tricky for lots of people. The promo bit has changed. Lots of phonecalls. I feel interviews are easier face to face. Don’t mind typing them either. Haha

Do you feel with the lockdown some of the meaning from the songs are looked at in a different light now? Or made them even more stronger?

Oh totally! Especially what’s going on with black lives matter at the moment too. It reinforces the message we want to promote. Which is to come together as one, equally and with love you know!? Let’s all be lovely and excellent to each other!

What band / artist has you inspired you with the sound Mystery Jets have created with?

We all listen to different stuff really. So when we come together it’s like a tombola of madness. I mean it feels like so long ago now. I know at the beginning we are all inspired by producers like Shaun Everett and Jon congleton. Still are really. We always have songs that mark the time. We recorded in. The last album was steal my girl by one direction. Maybe this one was the sky is a neighbourhood by the foo fighters? 

Your live show is full of energy and passion, how do you recreate this on recording your music in the studio?

It’s sort of the other way around. The studio dictates what happens on the stage. Thanks for the compliment though. I guess it’s important to put passion in your music wherever you are. No faking it!

Do you find it a lot different in promoting your music during lockdown or with having more time on your hands you have looked at different ways?

My life is very similar really. If I’m honest Blaine has taking the lead on promo for this record. He is the spokesperson and lyricist who has a message. It is a lot different though. I miss meeting journalists!

Are you currently writing new material during the lockdown, how different a process is it compared to before this lockdown?

We’ve all been tinkering around. Writing for other people. Blaine and I plan to get together soon and make some music happen.

What has been your highlight to date with your music and were it has taken you too?

It’s nice to travel. I really enjoy going to South America. We’re quite popular there haha! Maybe my highlight was Glastonbury 2016… well what I can remember of it.

What can we expect from you after this lockdown, new lockdown music live shows around the UK?

Hell yes. I’m hoping we can still get out for tour in the winter. Maybe see you there. I suppose gigs are going to be a lot different.

How has Covid 19 set you back with your plans for 2020?

Totally but I guess it’s messed up everyones 2020. Here’s to 2021!

With the outlook of lockdown getting eased sometime soon, what do you think will be a safe time for us to get back to live music in either big or small venues?

I’m sorry this interview is late. I guess it’s kind of easing off now right? I’m seeing more shops that are open. I have no idea what gigs are going to be like really. I don’t think anybody does. I imagine it would be hard to do 2m in a moshpit.

What have you been up to in the last few weeks during lockdown?

I have an electric drum kit in my house so I’ve been pissing my neighbours of with that. Writing music. Trying to not be unhealthy. Haven’t watch a lot of tv. Reading trashy music biographies. 

Going through some of your back catalogue what track would be the song you would recommend to someone that has never listened to your music to give them an introduction to Mystery Jets?


Have you watched any of the online music events from bands and artists what has been your favourite musician / band you have been introduced too during this lockdown?

To be honest I’ve been looking to the past. Nostalgia is a powerful drug.

Do you have any plans on doing a live stream over the next few weeks?

Blaine and I raised money for healthcare workers the other day. We did it by live-streaming a cover of dancing on my own by Robyn. Which the public chose.

What can we expect from the band in the next 12 months?

I hope to see us all on a stage together. Or at least making more music in a recording studio somewhere hot (hopefully)

We would like to thank The mystery Jets for taking the time out and answering the questions and wish them all the best with the new album “A Billion Heartbeats” 


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