Thanks for taking our questions during the current lockdown in the UK, for music lovers out there that has never listened to your music can you give them an introduction what they can expect?

I think my music is a mixture of catchy melodies and guitar parts, but also I like to make it all about the vocals and harmonies! So if that’s what ya fancy then have a listen! 

Your Latest single Tangerine Skies, when this was written what was it about as I know you speak now it is more celebrating your silver linings in these rough times?

It’s a song about reconnecting with your friends for one last summer of not caring about our responsibilities and just having a good time! 

Do you find it a lot different in promoting your music during lockdown or with having more time on your hands you have looked at different ways?

I think it’s really hard to promote myself now! I love playing live and interacting with a crowd. I’ve always found that the easiest way to promote myself. I’m terrible at social media so trying to find something “unique” about my pages is hard haha. 

Are you currently writing new material during the lockdown, how different a process is it compared to before this lockdown?

I’ve been writing so much! It’s a bit strange writing on my own or on a Zoom call with someone I barely know! I love getting in a room with someone and writing something but I feel like I’ve adjusted pretty quickly to it! 

What has been your highlight to date with your music and were it has taken you too?

I think selling out “omeara” in London last year was my highlight! I’ve managed to see most of the world due to writing these songs and it’s mental! Best job in the world. 

What can we expect from you after this lockdown, new lockdown music live shows around the UK?

I feel like I’m gonna be on tour for a very long time when this is over! And hopefully gearing up for a debut album release 

How has Covid 19 set you back with your plans for 2020?

Yeah definitely! I was planning to have a summer full of festivals but it’s all good, I’ve spent the time catching up with my family and getting some well needed rest! 

With the outlook of lockdown getting eased sometime soon, what do you think will be a safe time for us to get back to live music in either big or small venues?

I think we’ll be getting back in the venues when there’s a vaccine or proper medicine to treat it. I wouldn’t feel comfortable playing in a room packed full of people any time soon unfortunately. 

What have you been up to in the last few weeks during lockdown?

I’ve just been trying to stay healthy and writing loads. Working on my own mental health, trying not to let my anxiety get the better of me! 

Going through some of your back catalogue what track would be the song you would recommend to someone that has never listened to your music to give them an introduction to Declan J Donovan?

I’d probably say the first song I ever released, which is a song called “fallen so young” that song means so much to me and hopefully it gives a good idea of what I’m about as an artist! 

Have you watched any of the online music events from bands and artists what has been your favourite musician / band you have been introduced too during this lockdown?

My friends “Tor’s” have done a few Instagram lives and I always love watching those guys! I’ve been listening to so much new music since lockdown started, probably a girl called Sasha Sloan! Her songs are incredible 

Do you have any plans on doing a live stream over the next few weeks?

Yeah definitely! I’ve actually got a competition running at the moment to win a slot on a private zoom concert on June 11th! 

What can we expect from the band in the next 12 months?

Hopefully a lot of new music! I’ve got so much stuff ready to put out 

Thanks for taking the time in speaking with Scottish Music Network, stay safe 

Cheers for having me! Hopefully I can get up to Scotland to play some shows again soon! 

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