Thanks for taking our questions during the current lockdown in the UK, for music lovers out there that has never listened to your music can you give them an introduction to what they can expect?

Wonky indie pop. Tears for fears, Peter Gabriel, Foals, Bon Iver and Coldplay all have a love child together, thats us. 

Your latest single Go Somewhere, how do you think the Lockdown has changed the way you have went out to promote the track?

We obviously couldn’t do any shows to promote the track! So we have done many online shows playing the track over zoom on instagram and tik tok. That track took on a whole new meaning that none of us expected when this lockdown started as its all about going somewhere in your own head, something we are all limited to doing right now. 

Are you currently writing new material during the lockdown, how different a process is it compared to before this lockdown?

Writing has been odd! We have been writing a lot but obviously separately, sending a lot of stuff back and forth, and thats something we have never done before. The vibe that we have in a room together is something i think we are both craving right now and the inspiration that comes from being together has definitely thrown us, but there are a lot of new APRE songs on the way. We are also very lucky that we have always produced everything ourselves so we haven’t been limited by not being allowed in a studio. 

What has been your highlight to date with your music and where it has taken you too?

It has taken us to places we never could have dreamed of, Glastonbury and Austin Texas stand out. We played 8 shows in 3 days at SXSW festival in texas, a mental but incredible experience. but lets be honest, every musician has playing Glastonbury at the top of their bucket list. 

What can we expect from you after this lockdown, new lockdown music live shows around the UK?

As soon as it is safe to do so and is possible we will definitely be on tour as much as possible everywhere we can. We all are missing it a lot. 

How has Covid 19 set you back with your plans for 2020?

We were very lucky to not have any tours in the diary when the lockdown got announced! So it has actually not affected us too much, in fact its encouraged us to start to release even more music as we have so many songs in the locker. 

With the outlook of lockdown getting eased sometime soon, what do you think will be a safe time for us to get back to live music in either big or small venues?

To be honest i think it will be a long time before proper gigs can resume in the way that we know them. I have seen places in Scandinavia have had socially distanced gigs but I’m not sure that will catch on over here. I recon at the moment next year seems most likely as the congregation of that many people in one place just doesn’t seem safe anytime soon. 

What have you been up to in the last few weeks during lockdown?

We have been writing tonnes! We have also been recording a few covers which we will be releasing over the next few weeks. We have never covered anything in an APRE style so its been fun doing some live lounge style covers. We have also been recording a video in quarantine so thats been interesting, our director has been directing us via zoom so thats been peculiar. 

Going through some of your recent releases what track would be the song you would recommend to someone that has never listened to your music to give them an introduction to APRE?

I think the best introduction to APRE is ‘All Yours’, its signature APRE!!!! Thats the reason we released that before any other song. 

Have you watched any of the online music events from bands and artists what has been your favourite musician / band you have been introduced too during this lockdown?

If I’m honest i haven’t been following much of the online live streams as i feel a bit fatigued with the whole instagram live stream at the moment, everyones doing them!! (including us) However i did see Thom Yorke debut a new track called Plasticine Figures on Jimmy Fallons youtube and that made my week. 

Do you have any plans on doing a live stream over the next few weeks?

Im sure we will be. We are trying to focus on doing live streams on venue’s social media’s because we are worried about these venues going under! so if anyone can donate to save our venues that would be incredible. 

What can we expect from the band in the next 12 months?

New tunes, new remix’s, new covers, just bangers all round really. 

Thanks for taking the time in speaking with Scottish Music Network, stay safe 

Thanks very much and you guys!

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