James Blunt ‘Once Upon A Mind (Time Suspended Edition)’ out June 26th

Digital Deluxe Album Release – Out June 26th
Album Fast Approaching 100,000 UK Sales

“Once Upon A Mind is by far James’ most personal and raw (album) since
his debut.” – The Sun

“If Back To Bedlam was his songs of innocence then Once Upon A Mind is his songs
of experience” – EVENT (Mail On Sunday)

James Blunt is back to his best and at the top of his game, in a year that has seen him go from strength to strength. He today announces the ‘Time Suspended’ deluxe edition of his stunning Top 3 album ‘Once Upon A Mind’ – out June 26th on Atlantic Records. 

The deluxe version comes as ‘Once Upon A Mind’ fast approaches Gold status, smashing 100,000 UK sales, and features two brand new, original demos, and five stunning, acoustic versions of songs from the album.

His classic 2004 debut album ‘Back To Bedlam’, was recently named as one of the top ten best selling albums of that decade, and with ‘Once Upon A Mind’, James Blunt has reinforced his reputation for writing honest, emotional songs that people can easily relate to.

‘Once Upon A Mind’ has marked a return to what James Blunt does best – writing classic songs that touch both the heart and the head. Amongst the string of six hit singles, the album includes the breezy first single ‘Cold’, the heartbreaking ballad for his father ‘Monsters’, and the latest smash ‘The Greatest’ – of which the video applauds the NHS and health workers in the frontlines, battling the coronavirus.  

James Blunt has sold over 23 million albums, had a global smash hit with ‘You’re Beautiful’ and has showcased his wit and charm more recently with his always engaging twitter account.

Track Listing: Once Upon A Mind (Time Suspended Edition)

1.  Should I Give It All Up (demo)

2.  Happier (demo)

3.  The Truth (acoustic)

4.  Cold (acoustic)

5.  Champions (acoustic)

6.  Monsters (acoustic)

7.  5 Miles (acoustic)

8.  Halfway (acoustic)

9.  The Truth

10. Cold

11. Champions

12. Monsters

13. Youngster

14. 5 Miles

15. How It Feels To Be Alive

16. I Told You

17. Halfway

18. Stop The Clock

19. The Greatest

Once Upon A Mind (Time Suspended Edition) – Digital Stores (downloads only)

1.  The Truth

2.  Cold

3.  Champions

4.  Monsters

5.  Youngster

6.  5 Miles

7.  How It Feels To Be Alive

8.  I Told You

9.  Halfway

10. Stop The Clock

11. The Greatest

12. How It Feels To Be Alive (demo)

13. Happier (demo)

14.  The Truth (acoustic)

15.  Cold (acoustic)

16.  Champions (acoustic)

17.  Monsters (acoustic)

18.  5 Miles (acoustic)

19.  Halfway (acoustic)


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