INTERVIEW with Twinnie before she starts her UK tour in Glasgow

Twinnie // Photo Credit Maximillian Hetherington

We caught up briefly with Twinnie before she heads out on the road for her headline tour of the UK whicks starts in Glasgow tomorrow night at Stereo in the city. Tickets are still available from the usual outlets.

We had a chat about prevous tours and about the new album, here is what she had to say…. 


With your headline tour coming up in the next few weeks, what can your fans expect from the shows?

I just want everyone who comes to have fun. So much is going on in the world right now, that hopefully my show can be an escape. I can’t wait to share new music with everyone too and also see people sing along to the songs they know. 

How was it out on tour with Kiefer Sutherland, how were your support slots welcomed by Kiefer’s fans?

Absolutely incredible experience. Kiefer was lovely, he invited me up to sing with him after the first few nights too and we had so much fun doing that. His fans were so welcoming, I really felt a great connection with them, hopefully some of them became Twinnie fans too! 

After catching you play at the Old Fruitmarket in Glasgow supporting Kiefer, you looked relaxed and comfortable on the big stage, how will this reflect with the current tour when you are playing smaller venues?

I think the fact that for the first time ever, people have actually bought a ticket to see me and my show rather than me being the support act so that’s really exciting. I feel an incredible bond with my fans so I hope when I get up there, in a more intimate setting that I feel comfortable. I just want to give everyone a great show at the end of the day! 

Your new album “Hollywood Gypsy” is due out next month, where did the album title come from?

I grew up in a travelling community and I always aspired to being a performer. I watched old Hollywood movies since I can remember and I have always had a fire inside me to shoot for the stars. So essentially the title is my journey, it tells my story: my roots to my dreams. 

Who are your main influences?

Musically it’s a real range; I grew up loving people like Gilbert O’Sulivan, Bob Dylan, Billy Joel, Dolly Parton & Patsy cline to  Tupac, Eminem etc. 

What are you favourite cities to play in the UK?

I can’t say I have a favourite because to be honest, every city I get the opportunity to play, I encounter a new group of fans and that is amazing. Playing in my hometown York is going to be very emotional I think, and London where I live but really every city is incredibly special. I am obviously extremely excited to be coming to Glasgow though, that goes without saying! 

Interview with James Edmond Scottish Music Network

Photo Credit Maximillian Hetherington
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