HORROR DANCE SQUAD release video for new single ‘Party All Life Till Our Souls Go Home’

‘Party All Life Till Our Souls Go Home’ out now

It’s been a year since Estonian six-piece HORROR DANCE SQUAD released their single ‘Isn’t It Obvious’ and began the next stage in their conquest of the modern metal scene. The momentum hasn’t been lost as the band release their new single ‘Party All Life Till Our Souls Go Home’, which stays true to the band’s core while alluding to bigger and bolder things to come.

Check out the video for ‘Party All Life Till Our Souls Go Home’

The single is also available to stream or purchase here: http://smarturl.it/PartyAllLifeStream
HORROR DANCE SQUAD has been blasting stages throughout the Baltics since 2014, unapologetically blending metalcore and punk with vibrant electronics and delivering it to their audiences with unforgettable ferocity. Hailing from Tallinn, Estonia, the band shared stages with international heavy hitters such as Comeback KidDead By AprilAdeptEskimo CallboyWe Butter The Bread With ButterDeez NutsAugust Burns RedSiamese and One Morning Left. They also represented Estonia at the 2016 Wacken Open Air Metal Battle.
HORROR DANCE SQUAD has always aimed to deliver a message of positivity and hope in a genre that often feels shrouded in doom and gloom. However vocalists Karl Mesipuu and Ian Karell never shy away from tackling difficult, personal challenges in their lyrics. “Writing lyrics and making music has always been my therapy, it’s how I deal with the difficult things,” admits Ian. “Metal and punk music are perfect platforms to express the powerful emotions that come with facing the harder side of life. And lately, there have been quite a few challenges in our lives to work through.”
It is these challenges that inspired ‘Party All Life Till Our Souls Go Home’. “Despite the uncertainty, fear and pain that can overwhelm us, humanity has never ceased in our eternal search for meaning and comfort in the madness. The story of humanity is the story of search. The search for something bigger than us, the search for the reason we are here,” he adds. This sentiment is echoed in the song’s chorus when the co-vocalists switch from their rougher vocal styles to cry out, as if to the universe itself, “We’re dying to know, just how little do we know / So give us a chance to catch just a glance into the wealth of the unknown.”
But the song offers a solution as well. In the heavier moments, they bring the responsibility back to all of us with the straightforward question: What the hell are we gonna do about it? “It’s like I’m yelling at myself to not give up,” Ian explains. “No matter how much faith one has, many things remain in doubt. But it’s up to us to make the most of this doubt. It’s our responsibility to live the lives that fulfil us.”
Karl continues, “Although I have never had a strong faith, I have always had a connection to spirituality through going to church or studying philosophies from Buddhism and other eastern religions. Through time, I have learned that I don’t have to believe in a god in order to believe that life has an inherent meaning and that we have to work towards bringing good to the world. While the screaming in this song is an expression of frustration towards losing touch with my inner self, I hope it to be a reminder and a wake up call of hope to people who hear this song. In a way this song is like a prayer to a god that may or may not exist. That we want to believe in, even if we’re not sure the prayers will ever get answered.”

HORROR DANCE SQUAD have had to cancel numerous upcoming shows due to the coronavirus outbreak. Instead, the band will perform a live show on YouTube for fans around the world on 28th March. Find out more here: https://www.facebook.com/events/1208311086211464/

Additional HORROR DANCE SQUAD live dates:

25.04.2020 – Helsinki FI, Circus (supporting Blind Channel)
20.06.2020 – Käbliku EE, Beer Camp & Rock’n’Roll
13.07.2020 – Vikings Village EE, Barbar Feast 2020


Ian Karell – vocals
Karl Mesipuu – vocals
Indrek Ulp – guitar
Mikk Peetrimägi – guitar / bass
Henri Kuusk – drums
Margus Tammela – synths / samples / electronics

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