South Carolinian-born Hannah Wicklund will release The Inbetween a very special 10” inch vinyl EP of four stripped back solo performances on Friday 17th April 2020. The EP is available to pre-order from Tuesday April 7th via https://shop.hannahwicklund.com.

Anyone who orders the vinyl edition of the EP will automatically receive the EP digitally so they can hear it 10 days before everyone else hears it on the streaming platforms.

Produced and recorded by her older brother, Luke Mitchell (The High Divers), in their parents’ home on Hilton Head Island, South Carolina, the EP features intimate performances that sees Hannah getting back to her roots. The EP was mixed by Phil Ek and mastered by Ed Brooks in Seattle, WA.

No one has ever heard Hannah Wicklund quite like this. Known for her searing riffs, big voice, and rock and roll sound, her last self-titled record proved that rock is not dead. But what is her new EP The Inbetween out to prove? Simple – she is more than a singer, guitar player, or songwriter. She is a true artist.  What is evident on these four stripped down songs is that Hannah is an incredible, emotionally moving vocalist.

Wicklund decided to take four songs from her self-titled release, Bomb Through the Breeze, Ghost, Meet You Again and Shadowboxes and Porcelain Faces and strip them down to their rawest form.

“Piano was my first instrument, but I pretty much stopped playing when I picked up the guitar and traded in classical music for rock n roll,” Says Hannah. “Those classical roots are undeniable, however, as I get older, I appreciate them more and more.”

Continues Hannah, “I was at home visiting my parents and had my childhood upright and a little time off the road, so I decided to teach myself to play again. I did so by creating a piano arrangement for my most guitar-riff driven song as a challenge of sorts, and I loved how it turned out. That version of Bomb Through the Breeze is what inspired me to do this project with my brother.”

The EP starts out with a ballad version of Bomb Through the Breeze, an unexpected take to say the least. If you’ve seen a live show of Hannah’s in the last two years, you’ve likely witnessed her play Shadowboxes and Porcelain Faces, just her and a guitar, which is exactly what you’ll find on The Inbetween. The title derived from a line in the song, “It’s the in-between where we’ll figure out what your story says and what you’re all about.” The song serves as a reminder to not get too caught up in social media.

The last song you’ll hear is a chilling version of ‘Ghost’, which will strike a chord for many of us at home right now due to the coronavirus epidemic.

“I thought it was the right time to showcase a different side of myself,” reflects Hannah. “I’ve been playing these songs for years now, and so I wanted to challenge myself and give them a lot more depth by stripping everything back to the bare essentials.”

The Inbetween EP sees Wicklund delivering four emotionally charged performances that not only highlight her voice, but also allows her fans an opportunity to hear her songs in a whole new light.