Greece’s largest rock band 1000mods release new single

‘So Many Days’ streaming now

From new LP Youth of Dissent released 1st May (UK), 24th April (RoW)

Greece’s largest rock band of the last decade, 1000mods, have released their new single from forthcoming LP Youth of Dissent (1st May (UK) and 24th April (RoW) release).

Stream and purchase ‘So Many Days’ here:

Youth of Dissent is available to pre-order on special edition vinyl, standard vinyl, and CD here:

The band comment: “‘So Many Days’ is about trying to figure out who you are. No matter all the changes you’re going through, remaining true to yourself is one of the few things that really matter, especially in weird times like the ones we live in.”

Produced by Matt Bayles (IsisMastodonSoundgardenPearl Jam, Botch and many more), and recorded at Litho Studio (owned by Stone Gossard, founding member of Pearl JamTemple of the Dog) and London Bridge Studio (where Pearl Jam’s Ten was recorded), Youth of Dissent is 1000mods‘ most mature record to date.

Having risen from smoky basements to packed arenas, 1000mods can be considered no less than the most successful Greek rock band of the past decade.

Deriving equally from the glorious 90’s and the 70’s (not only songwriting-wise but also due to their love for vintage equipment and analogue sound), 1000mods have never hesitated to blend all their influences. Retro, hard, doom, and space rock melded with grunge and alternative create a recipe of explosive heavy music that’s impossible to imitate.

1000mods offer inspired, powerful and uniquely fresh heavy tunes, satisfying everyone from stoners to metalheads, for over a decade. Their debut Super Van Vacation (2011) is now considered a classic in European heavy rock, as well as a game-changer for Greek rock music, selling tens of thousands of copies.

Praised by fans and press throughout the globe, the band’s previous release Repeated exposure to… (2016) affirmed their place within European heavy rock and roll. The band went on to tour the US in February-March 2018, following that with a sold-out tour of Australia. 

Boasting millions of streams and fans worldwide, 1000mods are stepping up with Youth of Dissent, a fearsome blend of taut songwriting, hard-hitting riffs, haunting melodies and hefty psychedelia.

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1. Lucid
2. So many days
3. Warped
4. Dear Herculine
5. Less is More
6. 21st Space Century
7. Pearl
8. Blister
9. Young
10. Dissent
11. Mirrors

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