German hardcore quintet GIVER stream new single

‘New Gods’ out now

Sculpture Of Violence LP released 7th February via Holy Roar

Hotly-tipped German hardcore quintet GIVER have released their new single, ‘New Gods’, taken from their upcoming second LP Sculpture Of Violence, to be released 7th February on Holy Roar Records.

The band comment: ‘New Gods’ is a track about the advertisement industry as an outgrowth of a system that lives on your feeling of incompleteness and never being enough. Advertising does not seek to fulfil your needs but to create them in the first place. The worst thing that can possibly happen under capitalism is that all our dreams come true and we’ve got nothing left to wish for – that we are simply happy. But then Amazon comes up with another campaign for its latest device just before Christmas that has the slogan “for those who’ve already got everything” on it to make you feel even more complete than you’ve ever felt.

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GIVER‘s new record leans into fresh and melodious territory, reminiscent of early 00’s hardcore birthed with the likes of Bridge Nine Records and Deathwish Inc., including Blacklisted, Have Heart and Modern Life Is War.

The German band have expanded upon their foundation of caustic and high tempo metal-tinged hardcore which won them acclaim with debut full-length Where The Cycle Breaks (January 2018). With new record, Sculpture Of Violence, GIVER demonstrate a dogged urgency and a self-assured versatility, a worthy addition to the modern international hardcore scene’s bent of great melodic albums.

In the band’s own words: “The central question behind Sculpture Of Violence really is whether there can ever be peace. Since men started settling during the neolithic revolution 10,000 years ago, the amount of years of recorded peace is disturbingly negligible. The record explores different ways and structures in which we form each other through the collective We that is society, which is us and not anybody else and which brings us up against one another and constantly focus on our differences… With the climate catastrophe approaching, the far right growing stronger everyday and the market economy reaching into even the furthest corners of our lives, the time to remain silent is simply over.”

Cuts such as ‘Every Age Has Its Dragons (Like An Empire)’, ‘These Words Are Rain’ and ‘Imitation Dreams’ tackle topics of exploitative labour, the dissonance of religious discord and ill-conceived concepts of masculinity in the current climate to catastrophic effect. The ten songs on offer, whilst bleak, maintain a youthful vibrancy that truly aims to deliver change on a personal and much broader level.

Watch GIVER live:

March 6th – Paderborn @ Wohlsein
March 7th – Köln @ AZ
For more information:

1. Night Season
2. Sculpture Of Violence
3. Every Age Has Its Dragons (Like An Empire)
4. The Same Stream
5. New Gods
6. Evil Is
7. These Words Are Rain
8. Imitation Dreams
9. Longing For Death
10. Built In The Difference

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