French prog metal masters MANTRA unveil unique interactive listening experience and new single / video

In what is perhaps a world first, French progressive metal band MANTRA have unveiled an interactive three-sided record listening experience, to showcase their most recent LP Medium (October 18, Finisterian Dead End).

Conceived as an experience of both mind and body, Medium is a record centred on the theme of duality. The band took it upon themselves to compose a piece in which both sides can be played simultaneously and controlled by the listener, generating a unique third side. 

Experience the duality of Medium here:

MANTRA have also released a 17-minute video for this hidden track of the same name, which you can watch here:

The new song, and the accompanying short film, showcase the three-sided approach: it’s a combination of previous tracks ‘Body’ and ‘Mind’ synchronised together to great effect.

MANTRA are well-known for their truly progressive approach, incorporating contemporary dance in their live performances, which have been seen at Hellfest (2017 & 2019) and with Hypno5eShining (NOR) and more. Born in 2009, the band have released three records in total, 2013’s Into The Light, 2016’s Laniakea, and now the unique Medium.

The new three-sided experience creates an entirely new listening world, marking MANTRA out as a truly progressive force in heavy music and interactive art. 

For more information:

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