Electrobuddha Releases New Single ‘Keep Dreamin’

Electrobuddha has released his second single from the forthcoming album ‘Bay Area Psychedelic Society‘ entitled ‘Keep Dreamin

The track samples the legendary Velvet Underground and sounds not unlike a cross between Primal Scream and The Divine Comedy.

Electronuddha is the one man solo operation of Scotsman Mark McCaffer and started as an idea in a Stockholm suburban garden apartment where Mark was working as a stagehand with Live Nation Sweden, and getting to absorb many genres every evening.

Mark has also entered another track from the forthcoming album into The John Byrne Arts Award, that being the track ‘Synchronicity Of Love‘, a story of Peace and Love.

The fifth Electrobuddha album ‘Bay Area Psychedelic Society‘ is due for release  in summer 2020.

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