ECHT! – An instrumental, futuristic four-piece absorbed in jazz + electronic music share debut track

ECHT! – an instrumental, futuristic four-piece inspired by the concepts absorbed in electronic music and musical production. Having crystallized their innovative style and sound on the Brussels scene, this group of visionary music makers are pleased to announce the release of their debut EP ‘DOUF’, released 29th November via groove-heavy record label Sdban Ultra.

Across 8 tracks consumed as one continuous 16-minute mix of swirling beats and edgy offbeat rhythms, ECHT! weave together a musical collage of sound – equal parts acoustic and electric.

Recorded in an empty space in Colfontaine, Hainaut in just three days, ECHT! draw on influences including Electro, Hip-Hop, Psychedelic Groove, Footwork, Trap, Funk and Futuristic Jazz. Artists that excite them include Jonwayne, DJ Rashad, Deantoni Parks, J Dilla, Dorian Concept and Aphex Twin.

Ahead of the release of the EP, ECHT! are pleased to share their debut single ‘R2D2’, recently premiered on leading experimental/electronic music website Music Is My Sanctuary. Stream the track here

“R2-D2 is the fruit of a night jam. We found that kind of sampled piano riff combined with space-full yet heavy hip-hop groove. We wanted to add some of our weirdest, most futuristic sounds (the name ‘R2-D2’ refers to one of those) and a robotic gimmick emerged. Then we alternated this part with a frenetic, condensed flow growing more and more to finally submerge you. This tune reflects our approach: we try to integrate the inhuman heritage of electronic music and “re-humanize” it in an instrumental performance”.



Tracks like the sonic sound explosion of ‘Bonjour’, the scatter rhythms and busy hi-hats of ‘Tsht’ and the abstract beats and subby bass of ‘Mad Merckx’ are symptomatic of the ECHT! sound that is heavy in groove and deep in intrigue. ECHT! look to emulate the producer’s off-beats, the compressor’s swell, the repeating samples or the DJ’s transitions.

Echt means ‘vrai de vrai’ – ‘true’ or ‘real’ in brusseleir (Brabantian dialect of Brussels). It is a direct reference to the fact that their sound transmission is ‘real’, performed with conventional musical instruments as oppose to computer music which the production might suggest. It also relates to the fact that none of the members of the band are originally from Brussels – bassist Federico Pecoraro is from Italy, keyboardist Dorian Dumont is from France and drummer Martin Méreau and guitarist Florent Jeunieaux are both from Mons.

Elsewhere, debut single ‘R2D2’ is a raw, gritty musical adventure while the skittish future funk of ‘Chicago Stuk’ and subtle vibrations of ‘So Zat’ offer further explorations into the world of ECHT! “’DOUF is our tribute to Teklife DJs such as DJ Rashad, DJ Earl, Taso and DJ Spinn”, says keyboardist Dorian Dumont.

Sdban Records is an independent record label, obsessed with grooves. Based in Ghent, Belgium, it is home to such artists as De Beren Gieren, BRZZVLL, Steiger, Black Flower and STUFF.

ECHT! are Martin Méreau: drums, Dorian Dumont: keys, Florent Jeunieaux: guitar, Federico Pecoraro: bass.

Track listing:



‘Chuck Like This’

‘Mad Merckx’


‘Chicago Stuk’


‘So Zat’

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