Dutch singer songwriter and composer Sean Christopher releases his new album ‘Wander’ Out Now

Following on from the success of his stunning 2018 debut album ‘Yonder’, Dutch singer-songwriter Sean Christopher returns to release his highly-anticipated follow-up ‘Wander’ today, May 29th.

His sophomore album features the three previously released singles; ‘Indigo Blue’, ‘Our Home’ and ‘Oheja’. Much like his previous full-length, this self-produced new material will see the frontman delve into personal stories and spiritual ideas through the guise of a humble and emotionally-led individual.

Speaking about the new record, Sean Christopher said, “For this record I wanted to restrict myself to the tiniest room of the house, an 808 drum machine, my Juno 60 and the acoustic guitar. In the end it didn’t work out the way I envisioned, but it gave me enough direction and drive to find the sound for this album.”

Adding, “‘Wander’ is a quest, reflecting life and the meaning of it. Wondering what we are here for and why we do as we do.”

LISTEN TO ‘WANDER’ HERE – https://orcd.co/seanchristopherwander

Opening up with the sweet and solemn cut ‘Oheja’, an ode to the one that you love, ‘Wander’ takes up the mantle to become bigger and more vibrant than his first LP. Whether it asks profound and enticing questions about the meaning of life on ‘In Circles’, or the celestial inspiration he takes on the singles ‘Glow’ and ‘Colossus’, this new collection sees him step further out of himself than ever before.

While individual and personal tales have always remained a staple of his formative sound, his maturity and evolution as an artist has seen him pursue subjects of a more wise and learned nature. Resulting in something that is both distinctly him, yet taken to a more intriguing and captivating level.

An alumni of the Royal Conservatory in The Hague and Codarts in Rotterdam, where he studied music production, Sean began creating music for films and commercials immediately after graduating. His song ‘Everything’ (2014), composed and produced for an international car commercial, reached over a million streams on Spotify. 

Despite this early success, rather than continue composing music for others, Sean wanted to write songs for himself. He built himself a basement studio and began to experiment with instruments and production.

After moving to Bristol in 2016, Sean signed a record deal with Swedish label Dumont Dumont, home to artists including Charlie Cunningham, ViVii and Josin.

His debut album ‘Yonder’ was released May 11th 2018. Listen HERE

Sean Christopher recently recorded a cover of the song ‘The Impossible Dream (The Quest)’ for a Disneyland campaign that is running across Europe and soon to go live in the US. Listen to ‘The Impossible Dream (The Quest)’ HERE / Watch the Disney ad here

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