Craig Finn announces Record Store Day double LP | All These Perfect Crosses due June 20 via Partisan Records

Craig Finn – Photo credit: Shervin Lainez

Craig Finn is today announcing a special Record Store Day double LP release. Produced by Josh Kaufman, All These Perfect Crosses carries b-sides, alternative versions and demos of tracks recorded throughout his trilogy of acclaimed solo albums for Partisan Records. Faith In The Future (2015), We All Want The Same Things (2017) and I Need A New War (2019) charted the journeys, and catalogued the stories, troubles and redemption of middle America’s lost and forgotten characters. Finn expertly chronicles our complex, often confusing, modern era. He draws deeply felt character studies about regular people trying to respond to extraordinary times, attempting to find connection whilst wondering how to keep pace with a world moving faster than they are.

On this Record Store Day offering, these new songs and re-workings help to further tell parts of the same stories from those albums. It is a look behind the curtain, and into the world of one of our most revered song writers and storytellers.

The flashbulbs hit me with an uppercut
My ATM card wouldn’t work
That taxi was a paddock
And your raincoat must be cursed
Every time I see you wear it
There seems to be a storm that’s coming in
When all these years get in between us, yeah it’s hard
To force yourself to fall in love with friends

Craig Finn – All These Perfect Crosses

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Also featuring on this collection is “It’s Never Been A Fair Fight”, a track that was also recorded live last year at a special concert performance at Brooklyn, NY’s Murmrr Theatre.



“‘It’s Never Been A Fair Fight’ is about the extreme difficulty of staying true to the rigid rules of a subculture as you get older,” says Finn. “The character in the song revisits an old peer and finds struggle and disappointment in the place he left behind. I’ve always really loved this song, and people seemed to connect with it on my acoustic tour with Brian Fallon.”

Craig Finn - All These Perfect Crosses album artwork

Craig Finn – All These Perfect Crosses – Track listing

1. All These Perfect Crosses
2. It’s Never Been A Fair Fight
3. Ram In The Thicket
4. Wild Animals
5. Calvary Court
6. God In Chicago (Horn Version)
7. Eventually I Made It To Sioux City
8. Craig Finn – They Know Where I Live
9. Sometimes She Doesn’t Call Back
10. Screenwriter’s School
11. Three Drinks
12. Extras
13. Calvary Court (Piano Version)
14. Rescue Blues (Demo)
15. Tangletown (Demo)
16. Plattsburgh (Acoustic)
17. It’s Never Been A Fair Fight (Acoustic)
18. Magic Marker (Acoustic) 
19. Blankets (Acoustic)
20. Grant At Galena (Acoustic)

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