CONFESSIONS OF A TRAITOR release new track ‘Myra’ featuring Fit For A King vocalist Ryan Kirby

Debut album ‘Guided’ out on 18th October via Sliptrick Records
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Heavy melodic London metallers Confessions Of A Traitor have released new track ‘Myra’ featuring Ryan Kirby, vocalist of US metalcore band Fit For A King, alongside an emotional accompanying music video.

“Loss is an unfortunate part of life, the damage of losing someone so young to cancer is irreparable. Strength is often born in the silence of suffering. Myra aims to spread the message that even in the darkest of times your faith can help you to carry on.” says Confessions Of A Traitor vocalist Stephen MacConville of the new track that is lyrically very personal to him.

“In terms of the video we wanted to show that even with loss that person will always be with you, in your thoughts and the decisions you make as a result of the impact of their life on yours,” he adds. 

‘Myra’ is the third track to be released from the band’s upcoming debut album ‘Guided’ which is out on 18th October via Sliptrick Records. The 12-track record was recorded, mixed and mastered by Myroslav Borys of Jigsaw Audio in Derby, England.

The album is a musical exploration and a refinement of the band’s journey so far, filled with the energy of their live performance, raw heaviness, and the soaring melodic sing-along hooks that the band has gained notoriety for. Lyrically, it is an expression of the positive elements of our dark psyche and the trials that we all eventually have to endure.

The band’s intention with ‘Guided’ is to spread the message of belief and self-worth, and leave the listener knowing that there will always be hope.

Confessions Of A Traitor are:
Stephen MacConville (vocals)
Jack Darnell (guitar)
Jacob Brand (guitar, backing vocals)
Tony Nagle (bass, backing vocals)
Sebastian Olrog (drums)

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