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A: ‘Branding Problem’

AA: ‘Legacy Pet’

Rounding-off a landmark year for Clark which saw an accelerated drive for variety and freshness – including skewed renditions of Bach performed at the Royal Albert Hall and a hugely acclaimed score for TV series ‘Kiri’ – the leftfield legend takes it back to the source with two bangers for the massive.

The riff-powered heavy electrics of ‘Branding Problem’ romp from Detroit to Belgium via Chicago and the M25. It’s platinum-grade dancefloor techno, but it’s more too. The production flair and inventive sound sculpting ensure a level of quality and originality not found in your average grist-for-the-mill DJ fodder.

‘Legacy Pet’ is hardcore and tech step dipped in loopy juice; it’s the sound of a raver wandering out from a cavernous warehouse, across fields and into an enchanted dingily dell dance, throwing gun fingers with the goblins and faeries.

“I’ve been quite amused at how easy it is to stream background music these days. How accessible it all is and how entitled we all feel to it, like it’s some sort of air freshener you spray in your Uber.

For some reason I’m imagining a future where Elon Musk does a streaming deal, so he can prance around controlling nano implant VR chips for 1 million amortal coastal elites, while the rest of us don’t have electricity and only manage one rave a year – to a sound system powered by rationed candles. This is music for that fantasy scenario, ha.

Anyway, I don’t want these 2 tracks to be part of background air freshener world. They are limited edition club gear. I wanna play them out so badly in my live show. 

Influences: Hardcore UK rave, Detroit techno, Jungle, Oizo, Ed Rush and Optical, No U-Turn. The origins, the source and it’s constant subsequent mutations. BEHOLD THE CONTINUUM, HARDCORE WILL NEVER DIE.” Clark

Praise for ‘Kiri Variations’:


  • “This is a thrilling subversion of Arcadian aesthetics, an album that refracts the traditional through the prism of the modern to create something not only new and original, but courageous and quietly important. An exhilarating step forward by counter-intuitive means from one of our most daring producers

The Line of Best Fit,Album Of The Week


  • “One of the richest, most satisfying electronic records of the year so far” Loud and Quiet, 9/10


  • “The blend of magic and melancholy here is gorgeously unsettling. His most beautiful and haunting to date”Mixmag, 8/10


  • “An elegant, eclectic collection that shuttles between haunting modern classical, folktronica, complex sound design, brutal beats and scabrous noise”Mojo, 4/5


  • “Offers a reminder of not only his ongoing urge to explore new territory, but also multiple styles within a single record” Long Live Vinyl, 8/10


  • “A richly rewarding soundtrack that is cinematic and intimate” Sunday Times


  • “Engaging and effective moments of itching disquiet that merit repeat listening” Pitchfork


  • “With Kiri Variations Clark morphs into another variant of his own artistic selfA tapestry of Wiccan ideals, of woodlands and innocence and dreams of suffocating entrapment combine to produce an album of unsettlingpleasure” The 405


  • “A loosely woven tapestry of instrumental observations, treated piano motifs and vocal abstractions. Tinged with a Miyazaki-like nostalgia, Kiri Variations revels in a sweet melancholy, and showcases an attention to detail” The Vinyl Factory, The 10 Best New Vinyl Releases This Week


  • “Clark has built something greater than the immediate satisfaction of another album of dance hits, and it’s something that will endure in his legacy” Inverted-Audio


  • “A sun-dappled palette of rustic melancholy and gently curdled melody, fashioning an air of suspense”Uncut


  • Evokes the grooves of Peter Zummo’s Frame Loop. Both twee and creepy, with Giallo score gasps. Mostly though, it’s a dreamy, almost pastoral album, heavily 1970s; Penguin Cafe Orchestra remixed by Professor Yaffle” The Wire


  • “Clark’s most starkly emotional work to date. An evocative new direction fashioning simmering melodic walls, haunting piano melodies, child-like string plucking and heart bending strings, garnished with elements of primitive paganism” Electronic Sound


  • “Clark has once again created his own world and it is well worth your time walking around” Louder Than War


  • “Leftfield cinematic moods and spooky atmospheres”DJ


Clark headlines Mira Festival, Barcelona on Friday 8th November. Tickets and info.

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