Award-wining Welsh band CALAN set to tour UK & release new single ‘THE SONG OF EVAN’ on 3rd April – new album ‘KISTVAEN’ out same day

Photo credit © Richard P Walton 

“Traditional Welsh music, incorporating accordion, fiddle, pipes & harp – but the sound

has translated to a modern audience on a grand scale.” (Yahoo)

Calan have come a long way since they began busking in the streets of Cardiff to help pay for university fees. Now they perform in venues and festivals all around the world from as far afield as Canada, USA, Borneo and Australia. 

Winners of Best Band at last year’s inaugural Welsh Folk Awards, Calan will release both a new single ‘The Song of Evan’ (English & Welsh versions) plus their fifth album, kistvaen’, on 3 April 2020.

As Calan’s Angharad Sian Jenkins says,’The Song of Evan’ was another drop of inspiration from that never-ending source, Merêd, (a collector, historian and performer of folk music of Wales written in the Welsh language.) The original verses, chorus and melody all come from his collection, and inspired Beth to pen some new text”

Calan are one of the new young Welsh bands riding the wave of a country discovering their heritage of traditional music, but here the reels, jigs and pagan harmonies are accompanied with a pounding beat plus a healthy dose of pop and rap.

The brand-new album ‘kistvaen’ (also out 3 April) was inspired and informed by various visits to the Wales’ National Library in Aberystwyth. With the friendly and expert supervision of the archivists, Calan combed through dusty reams of old tunes, songs and stories; then with their brains saturated with information, they went away to try and form some ideas. Calan are conscious of trying to be informed by, but not tethered to what has gone before. They hope that the ideas that were notated so diligently by Merêd, J Lloyd Williams and so many others, are not only safe in their kistvaen in Aberystwyth, but also being given license to come out and float around a bit – and maybe even morph into something new!

A kistvaen or cistvaen is a tomb or burial chamber formed from flat stone slabs in a box-like shape. If set completely underground, it may be covered by a tumulus. The word is derived from the Welsh cist (chest) and maen (stone).

Having last week played a special St David’s Day show for the BBC at Cardiff’s St David’s Hall with the National Orchestra & National Choir Of Wales, Calan are set to play the following UK live shows next month;


3 April                          Caernarfon – Galeri Caernarfon

4 April                          Swansea Taliesin Arts Centre

5 April                          Alfriston – The Old Chapel

6 April                          Southampton – The Chapel Sessions

7 April                          Kingskerswell Church

8 April                          South Molton George Hotel

9 April                          Dorchester – Dorchester Arts

10 April                        Oxford Holywell Music Room

11 April                        Bristol Folk House

14 April                        Maldon Town Hall

15 April                        Bury St Edmunds – The Apex

16 April                        London Kings Place

17 April                        Bury Met

18 April                        Richmond Reeth Memorial Hall

20 April                        Edinburgh Traverse Theatre

23 April                        Langholm – The Buccleuch Centre

24 April                        Morecambe – The Platform

25 April                        Wolverhampton Newhampton Arts Centre

26 April                        Sheffield – The Greystones

29 April                        Canterbury Gulbenkian Theatre

30 April                        Brecon Theatr Brycehiniog

1 May                           Cardiff – The Gate


Tickets for all shows above are on-sale now via


Calan are:


Angharad Sian Jenkins              Fiddle, Vocals

Bethan Rhiannon                       Accordion, Kashaka, Step Dance, Vocals

Patrick Rimes                            Fiddle, Bagpipes, Whistles, Wurlitzer, Vocals

Samiwel Elias Humphreys          Guitars, Mbira, Percussion, Vocals

Shelley Musker Turner               Harp, Vocals

Photo credit © Richard P Walton 2020

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