ALBUM REVIEW : Placebo – Never Let Me Go

ALBUM REVIEW – Placebo – Never Let Me Go

After a nine-year break Placebo are back with their eighth studio album and tour later in the year. It is as if they have never been away Brian Molko and Stefan Olsdal are back with a bang as the new album is seamless from any of their previous their dark electronic style and the unmistakable vocals of Brian are just outstanding.

The album is fresh and delivers the powerful emotion of Brian Molko as he reflects through his memories this you can hear in the opening track on the album Forever Chemicals that has heavy catchy riffs with an experimental feel to it, but it works well and set the standard for the rest of the album. Second on the album is the first single from the album, Beautiful James that was an excellent single to introduce new music lovers to the music of Placebo.

The new album is thirteen tracks, and it just grabs you into it, there is some addictive tracks that have you hooked from the first listen including Happy Birthday in the Sky, Surrounded by Spies and the excellent Sad White Reggie. The album will capture you in the moment and will keep you there until the last second of the final track on the album Fix Yourself.

Never Let Me Go does what it says on the time never lets you go from the first listen; it is a dream return album from Placebo and will fit well along side previous albums. It has a great feel to it with catchy riffs, brilliant lyric from Brian Molko and takes on the issues with todays society and the various issues. This is a must album for all music lovers as it will capture your imagination and leave you wanting more.

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